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However, Bai Rou Li’s father was known to be the most powerful cultivator of the South Yue Kingdom. Reasonably, no matter how untalented she was, she shouldn’t be a complete waste.

Could there some sort of problem ?

Numerous possibilities flashed through Huang Yue Li’s mind immediately. These possibilities were all related to curing talentless people. Unfortunately, she felt that all these would not have any effect.

Just as she was frustrating over this problem, she heard a loud thunderous clap resounding in her ear!

Following that, Huang Yue Li felt herself lose consciousness. When she came to, she found herself in a simply adorned room. Right in front of her, was a raging inferno.

At the centre of the inferno, was an gigantic silhouette.

She squinted her eyes, trying to discern what that was. Huang Yue Li’s eyes popped out as soon as she recognized it—-it was like those portrayed in the legends! It was a mythical phoenix!

As its shimmering golden wings unfolded, it seemed as if they could rip apart space itself. As it lightly waved it’s wings, the wind blew over like a raging tide, a pressure borne down it’s surroundings, making it hard to breath.

Raising its head, the phoenix let out a clear and melodious cry. Sweet and graceful it sounded, yet brimming with power as it emanated a domineering aura.

Suddenly, the flames started to whirl about furiously as the golden silhouette of the phoenix gradually shrunk in size. Amidst the golden light, it morphed into the shape of a young man clothed in a long golden robe.

He had a handsome yet devilish looking face, complemented with a complexion as fair as white jade. That pair of peach blossom eyes perfectly matched that defined nose and seductive thin lips. In regards to his five facial features, there was no flaw you could pick on.

That long robe he wore was only casually draped across his body, fully revealing his upper torso. This gave off an air of languidness.

Because Huang Yue Li had witness the entire spectacle, she knew that this loosely robed male was the incarnation of that Phoenix. With peerless strength, he was definitely not the man he portrayed himself to be; a harmless but good looking man.

Looking at Huang Yue Li, a flash of discontent flashed across his eyes.

“Girl, what are not you showing the least bit of admiration towards this deity?”

“Hah?” This statement left Huang Yue Li at a loss.

The man went on: “As a revered deity, and with such striking elegance, dashing and charismatic, am I not the very personification of beauty itself to you?”

Huang Yue Li was left speechless. It was only after much thought and time did she finally find some words as she spat out: “I have met narcissists, but I have never met someone who is shameless to such a degree…”

The man who had just morphed from a phoenix, although indeed exceptionally handsome and dashing, but if his good looks was to be said to be the very personification of beauty, that would be an overstatement.

In her previous life, within Sky Emperor City, were the greatly renowned Ten Great Handsome Males. Each and every one of them possessed outworldly looks and charm. As for Mu Cheng Ying, he was the undisputed first in rank.

Expression changing, the male’s eye narrowed.

“Girl, you dare disrespect this deity? Do you not know that if this deity wants to kill you, it would be as simple as squishing an….”


The male was originally overbearing and arrogant. But as he was in the middle of his sentence, he suddenly came to a pause. Even his expression had changed greatly.

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Flabbergasted, Huang Yue Li asked: “Hey, what happened to you?”

Under the dumbstruck gaze of Huang Yue Li’s, the phoenix male rapidly transformed. Bit by bit, he shrunk in size; even his facial features underwent great change.

Finally, he became a young a boy who was around three heads tall. You could still see the evilness within his face, but those big, round and watery eyes, with those marshmallowy cheeks clearly stated: “Body – delicate, form – soft and strength – weak! Fresh, cute, soft skin!”

The young boy looked down at his little hands, and panickedly cried out: “Damn! I had clearly absorbed Profound Qi for entire day. How could it only last for such a short time before I changed back!”

Hearing those words, Huang Yue Li narrowed her eyes. Squatting next to the young boy, she raised her eyebrows and said: “Good. In the end, you are just a small brat playing tricks. Tell me, why after cultivating an entire day, I am not even able to sense the slightest bit of Profound Qi!”

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Chapter 9