Unrivaled Martial Emperor
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Unrivaled Martial Emperor

Synopsis Unrivaled Martial Emperor

Chen Fan’s father sent him to the Spring Autumn Sect when he reached a suitable age to learn martial arts. For close to three years, he was often a target for bullying due to his lack of talent. He was helpless about it and had no choice but to accept his fate, until one day he gets struck by lightning and everything changes.Things weren’t smooth-sailing from then on, however. Every three years, a grand event is held in Spring Autumn Sect and some weaker members will be expelled from the sect. Chen Fan is lagging far behind his peers and has to catch up quickly or he’ll be in trouble. It won’t be easy with many people standing in his way. To be stronger than them all, Chen Fan engages in both body and qi cultivation in a world where body cultivation has long gone into decline, and he will need to endure much greater pains than others to obtain the corresponding strength. On his quest to great strength, he will run into many dangerous situations, but luck is also often accompanied with the dangers. Follow Chen Fan on his journey to becoming the strongest martial artist!

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Chapter Unrivaled Martial Emperor