Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 212

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“What? ! Did I hear wrong?”

“How can this be?”

“Is Imperial Physician Liu crazy? Or did a problem occur with my ears?”

Imperial Physician Liu merely said a few words, and everyone turned to look at each other. The young ladies were so shocked that they momentarily forgot they were in the presence of the Empress Dowager as they all exclaimed aloud.

The Empress Dowager herself was also shocked, “This……..”

Bai Ruo Qi immediately jumped up. Pointing at Imperial Physician Liu’s nose, she scolded him: “Imperial Physician Liu, you… are spitting blood! What do you mean by that? Daring to spout such unfounded lies! Just for the sake of escaping your crimes, you are acting like a mad dog randomly biting people! Her Royal Highness will not believe nonsense such as this!”

Empress Shu also said: “That’s right! This is pure slander! Shameless bullying! Not only did you deliberately misdiagnose Second Young Miss Bai, causing her loss of face, you are now biting her again. This Royal wants to ask you, what are you harboring in your heart!”

Kneeling down infront of the Empress Dowager, Bai Ruo Qi cried: “Empress Dowager, please seek justice for me ah! Because of me, Imperial Physician Liu became a persecuted criminal, so he deliberately retaliated and said such words!”

The Empress Dowager frowned, obviously quite confused by this sudden turn in situation.

She felt this was unexpected. The true ‘mastermind’ Imperial Physician Liu announced, turned out to be Bai Ruo Qi?

This simply does not make any sense? Why would anyone drug themselves?

It seems, like what Bai Ruo Qi said was true; Imperial Physician Liu was seeking revenge.

The Empress Dowager angrily said: “Great courage, coming to this point and you still dare to claim such nonsense! Deceiving Ai Jia like so. You will not shed tears until you see your grave!”

Empress Shu took this opportunity to add: “Guards come, drag this death seeking fool away. Give him a hundred heavy strikes first!”

“Empress Dowager, I am innocent! Wronged ah! I really did not lie, this is all the work of the insidious and vicious Bai Ruo Qi…..wu wu wu!”

Imperial Physician Liu struggled hard, but he was simply no match for the Palace guards.

“Empress Dowager, please allow Imperial Physician Liu to finish his claims!” Huang Yue Li said unhurriedly.

Bai Ruo Qi glared at her fiercely and shouted: “Bai Ruo Li, what do you mean by that? This quack Imperial Physician hurt your sister so miserably, but you insist on helping him? You……you…do you even consider me as your elder sister?”

A few tears appearing on her tender face, along with slightly red eyes, she looked accusingly at Huang Yue Li.

As the Empress Dowager frowned, Bai Ruo Qi felt proud.

Well, I’ll let you pretend this sisterly bond! You can act no longer!

Huang Yue Li reluctantly shook her head and sighed: “Second Sister, how can you say such a thing? Sister, I’m so sad ah…….for I truly hold good intentions.The reason being my insistence of keeping Imperial Physician Liu is all but for my Second Sister!”

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“For me?” Bai Rui Qi gritted her teeth, “Do not lie. You just can not bear to see me well right?” Feigning an injured look, Huang Yue Li turned to look at the Empress Dowager.

“Empress Dowager, it really is for the good of my sister. Although Imperial Physician Liu’s claims are very discreditable, his lie is very flawed. If we were take Imperial Physician Liu away, what will we do if the mastermind goes and poisons him to death?”

When she heard this, a flash of surprise passed through the Empress Dowager’s eyes.

“Li girl, Ai Jia has underestimated you. Thinking so carefully, even taking such things into account.”

Huang Yue shyly looked down and modestly replied: “Your Highness is overpraising me.”

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Chapter 212