Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 191

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At this moment, Eunuch Li could see the image of the Valiant Martial Manor’s Bai Liu Feng on Huang Yue Li’s body.

This group of young ladies were brought to the depths of the Imperial Garden and towards the Peach Blossom Orchard.

Lovely spring sunshine shone into the palace, accentuating the beauty of the peach blossoms. Glowing with light, the flowers dyed the orchard in a magnificent rouge-like color.

Bringing the group to their destination, Eunuch Li Gonggong smiled and said: “I ask fellow esteemed Miss’ to first wait in this blossom orchard. If you are tired, you may go to the side pavilion to rest. At noon, Her Highness the Empress Dowager will begin the banquet and entertain everyone.”

Finishing his words, he then proceeded to leave and left this group of aristocratic daughters in this peach blossom orchard.

In the pavilion at the edge of orchard, were an array of tea and desserts with palace maid and eunuchs waiting on the side.

However, the masters of these palaces did not appear.

Nevertheless, of these aristocratic daughters, no one dared to slack off.

Each one carefully checked their own makeup and clothing and gracefully walked into the peach blossom orchard. Every move was deliberately executed to highlight their own beauty and bearing.

They were all very clear, although they could not see anyone, but the masters of these palaces are certainly observing them in secret!

Now was the best time for them to show off. They must let the Princes see their most beautiful side, potentially making them fall in love at first sight!

Huang Yue Li did not possess as much worries. Immediately, she went to find the most beautiful peach blossom tree and sat beneath it. Hands tucked under her chin, she tilted her head and quietly watched the beauty in front of her.

A burst of warm air blew past, billowing the branches of the entire orchard and scattering quite a few petals. With this disturbance, the falling flowers created an image from a painting.

Huang Yue Li became stunned.

She seems to….as if….

At the other end of the peach blossom orchard, she saw the Owner of Thousand Treasure Pavilion!

Moreover, he did not wear his mask.

Although it was only a silhouette, but that handsome and perfect featured face and those clearly defining jawlines could not be mistaken.

But he does not seem to emit his usually domineering aura.Instead, he appeared like an ordinary aristocratic young master with a splendid temperament, but too much delicateness.

He wore noble violet robe, with golden embroidery exclusive to the Royal Family. On his head was a tall hat and a belt at his waist. Standing in the midst of the peach blossoms and petal storm, he appeared to be ethereal.

The man slowly shook his head as if he was looking here and there and attracted the attentions of the whispers of the girls around him.

But he just lightly changed his line of sight, without changing his pace, he left. In an instant, he disappeared into the domineering palace.

Watching from a distance, Huang Yue Li could not believe her own eyes. She almost thought she saw wrongly.

This man… could he appear here, and… this? This made others to unaccustomed!

But very quickly, she regained herself.

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Last time when she was escaping the pursuit of the Royal Tutor, she had fled into the palace, and entangled herself with this man. Then, the Golden Scaled Guards who were ordered to capture her,called him “His Highness”!

At that time, she saw the man’s face and became too shocked. Not in the right state of mind, she could bother herself to get to the bottom of this matter.

But afterwards she guessed his identity.

Obviously, he is a member of the Royal Family. And judging from his age, it is very likely for him to be a prince.

Although the current reigning Emperor has many successors. For those over fifteen years old, there are only six or seven. But Bai Ruo Li never had the opportunity to enter the Royal Palace, so she simply could not differentiate these princes.

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Chapter 191