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Although Huang Yue Li held some complaints, she did not display it.

Calmly, she said: “Since this is the case, deliver the gathered herbs to the carriage outside the door. I will bring them away with me. For the remaining sum, deduct it from Clear Jade Bank’s black card.”

After listening to this, Manager Sun’s face showed the color of embarrassment.

“This….Master Huang, this thing….I would like to ask for your forgiveness…..”

“What happened?”

Manager Sun hesitated: “It is like this. Your profound armaments were all sold at exorbitant prices, while most buyers have paid their dues, that set of profound armor…….”

Huang Yue Li already knew what he wanted to say, but she pretended to be unaware. Impatiently she said: “What is wrong with the profound suit? I just saw the South Yue Prince spend three million two gold to purchase it. This price is very good. I presume my master will also be very satisfied.”

“Uh, yes yes, the price is good, but…..” Manager Sun wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, “His Royal Highness the Crown Prince has met with a little problem in regards to his cash flow. So……”

“He wishes to deny his debts? Is Thousand Treasure Pavilion unable to make him pay his dues? If you have people who refuse to pay their debts, then I will not cooperate with you next time!”

Manager Sun hurriedly said: “No, it is not like this. This account will be recovered. We just ask for a few days to collect the money.”

Huang Yue Li nodded her head in acceptance. “I will come back in ten days to collect the money, do not disappoint me.”

Manager Sun nodded again and again, feeling very blessed.

Fortunately, the new owner’s background was strong enough for the Crown Prince to cower in fear, or things would have really ended badly today.

Offending a Fifth Tiered Armament Master from a large sect was no joke.

Checking her herbs, Huang Yue Li nodded her head pleased.

Of the herbs collected by Thousand Treasure Pavilion, each and every one were upper class products. Whether it was the year or freshness, they were all perfect. Enabling one to one to fully exert all of its properties.

“That’s right, there is one more thing——”

As she opened her mouth, Huang Yue Li startled Manager Sun.

“Master Huang, what other commands do you have?”

“When I came, Master told me to inform to carefully check for any problems before handing the profound armor over to the buyer. After all, the price is so high, if any issues in quality were to arise, it would tarnish the good name of my Master!”

Manager Sun was momentarily surprised. But soon that surprise changed into joy, “That would be too good! Exactly what we hope for ah! The profound armor is in the adjacent storehouse. Master Huang, please follow me!”

Manager Sun heart was touched.

Normally, even if they only at the first tier, the characters of these Armament Masters were all proud and haughty.

Once a profound armament was sent to the Merchant Guild for sale , they would not be responsible for any issues or problems that arise later in the transaction.

He did not expect a Fifth Tier Armament Master would send his disciple for a quality check. Such responsible Armament Masters were really rare nowadays ah!

Moreover, this was an item with deferred payment. Usually Armament Masters would not agree to such a method of payment. Yet this Master Huang did not put it in his mind.

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This is what you call both strong and valiant!

But how was he to know that Huang Yue Li’s mouth hooked up as she followed behind him. And this smiled was extremely black.

Arriving at the storeroom, Huang Yue Li expressed how she could not be disturbed during this time and ushered Manager Sun out.

This was the rule of the profession. So Manager Sun did not take it to heart.

After about half an hour later, Huang Yue Li exited the storeroom.

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Chapter 147