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Sinisterly, Huang Yue Li grinned towards the Crown Prince and Bai Ruo Qi. Her gaze was daggers, butchering away the meat infront of her. Her drool practically falling from her mouth.

When the man saw her impressive expression, he couldn’t help but shake his head in amusement.

This little fox…..was fiercer than himself! Stingier than him!

Really pitied those two blind people for offending her. Even if they didn’t die, they would lose a layer of skin!

Furthermore, why did he find her cunning appearance so adorable?

These two people sat leisurely in the private room. One was high spirited, looking down below and calculating how to earn the best profit from cheating others. While the other was raptly focused on the female beside him wondering how to please her.

This scene looked very harmonious and beautiful…

Shortly afterwards, the ordinary seats were all filled. There were a total of one thousand seats, each one occupied while the doors were crowded with people who failed to obtain tickets.

A scholarly and refined middle-aged man walked onto the auction stage.

He was not someone unknown, but Thousand Treasure Pavilion’s very own Shopkeeper Sun. He was a well known person in South Yue.

With his appearance the clamouring also quieted down.

An auction like this, that had attracted the attention of so many was finally beginning!

“Dear fellow guests, I welcome you all to Thousand Treasure Pavilion’s annual auction! As you all may know, each and every year Thousand Treasure Pavilion would present all sorts of rare and valuable treasures, never disappointing the masses. This year…..also won’t fail to meet your expectations! ”

“On the contrary, many of you may have already via your own methods have some knowledge towards some items on sale this year. I am able to inform everyone, apart from the information we have revealed, we still have many surprises for you all! Please look forward to it!”

Though Shopkeeper Sun’s cultivation may not be high, he was very shrewd in business. With a few words, he had heated up the overall mood of the entire venue.

While the gazes of the guests below, became blazing.

“Shopkeeper Sun, don’t waste words and quickly start the auction!”

“That’s right. Your words cannot prove much. Whatever goods you have, hurry up and bring them out for us to see!”

There were a few people who impatiently called out.

Shopkeeper Sun merely chuckled: “It seems that everyone here is itching for the auction to start. Then this one will not longer delay. This auction shall officially start!”

A maid steadily walked on stage.

In her hands was a covered silver tray. A red silk cloth was hiding the contents on that silver tray, blocking all vision towards the concealed good.

Lightly, Shopkeeper Sun lifted up the cloth to reveal a long scroll.

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“The first item in for sale is a Yellow Level Upper Grade Profound Skill——Golden Yuan Finger! This Yellow Level Upper Grade scroll’s rarity should be be known by everyone. What is worth mentioning is the paralysing effect of the Golden Yuan Finger. Enemies struck by this skill will lose all mobility within three breaths. Of course, if the opponent’s cultivation is greater then your own, then its effects will be greatly reduced.”

“Moreover, this Profound Skill also has a restriction. This skill can only be learnt by those who metal attributed practitioners!”

Smilingly, Shopkeeper Sun briefly introduced the item: “This Profound Skill’s starting price is….ten thousand silvers! I ask distinguished guests to begin their bids!”

It was actually a Yellow Level Upper Grade Profound Skill!

No one would have imagined that the auction held by Thousand Treasure Pavilion this would be this impressive. The first item available was a Yellow Level Upper Grade Profound Skill! It also carried a special skill; ten times more valuable than an ordinary skill of the same level!

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Chapter 99