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Never in his wildest dreams did the Crown Prince believe Huang Yue Li would be able to enter the VIP room without the help of that man.

Ironically, she was the creator of that Profound Armor Set which he so dearly longed for. With unparalleled and extraordinary skills, a Third Rank Armament Master!

But the Crown Prince knew he could only endure and bow his head.

“Since…..since that VIP guest took the room, it is my honor to let them have it. I trouble you to pass on a word for me. Tell them everything that just happened was all a big misunderstanding. I ask that he does not continue to bother about it……”

Remaining calm, the guard replied: “I will remember the Your Royal Highness’ orders. Please!”

The tone in which he spoke in was not polite, but the Crown Prince could not do anything. Turning his body, he could only walk to the door of general admissions.

Fortunately, there were some ordinary wealthy merchants and aristocrats at the end of the door line. When they saw the Crown Prince approach, they knew he was in the midst of a fit. No one dared to provoke him. Automatically they cleared a path for him and allowed him first entry.

At that moment, Huang Yue Li and the Lord Owner were seated within the most luxurious room of Thousand Treasure Pavilion’s. It was located on the third floor.

This room was not only the most comfortable, but the room that held the best view.

Sitting there, you could easily oversee the entire auction.

On the table were pre-prepared Clear Red Grass Tea and various small pastries. Each and every one were Huang Yue Li’s favourites.

Raising her eyebrows, Huang Yue Li looked at the man, “Looks like….that a spy has weaseled into my kitchen ah?”

The man laughed wantonly and frivolously, “What food this Lord’s Madam likes to eat, how can I not know? If I wronged this Lord’s Madam, it would be highly distressing…..”

Polish! Those three phrases will not produce ivory!

Huang Yue Li stared at him, too lazy to refute him. This man’s skin was too thick. She did not want to waste her saliva!

Watching her actions, a ghost of smile once again appeared on the man’s face. Inching closer to her, his slender fingers picked up a crystal jujube cake and brought it to her mouth.

“Little girl, we rode all morning. Are you hungry? Eat some snacks?”

A moment of carelessness, the man once again closed up to her.

Without any politeness, Huang Yue Li bluntly said: “Stay away from me. I am not used to ……omph!”

She was not able to finish her sentence, her mouth stuffed with pastries; nearly choking. Puffing out her cheeks, she vigorously chewed the pastries. Her bright pair of eyes glaring at the man.

It was during that moment a burst of noise erupted from the ground floor seats.

Hurriedly, the man pointed to something behind her: “Quickly look! The cheap fiance has appeared!”

Originally, Huang Yue Li had already withdrew a handful of flying needles. She intended to teach this man a lesson for wanting a mile after giving him an inch. When she heard his cry, she stopped her movements and turned.

Downstairs, the Crown Prince sullenly sat down in the general seating. His body releasing enough pressure to freeze someone to death!

As for the one who assumed she would be the future Imperial Consort, the arrogant and prideful Bai Ruo Qi was covered dirt. Her clothes disorderly, her entire body trembled as she followed the Crown Prince. She feared that he would burst out in anger.

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“Tsk tsk. Really a match made in heaven!” Propping her chin, Huang Yue Li beamed.

The Owner chuckled beside her and wiped of the residue pastries from the side of her mouth.

But immediately withdrew his hand when her expression changed: “This Lord does not understand. Since you are so nauseated by them, why do you still allow them to enter the auction? You tell them to get lost and not continue to feel disgusted from seeing them. That would be good!”

“Heh!” Huang Yue Li gave him a side glance: “How can here be such a convenient thing?

For the ones who dare bully me, if I don’t extort all the money they own, I will change my surname to yours!”

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Chapter 98