Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 97

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With an angry smile, the Crown Prince took out a letter.

“Look at it carefully. This is an invitation personally given to this Royal by your Thousand Treasure Pavilion! And you tell this royal to get lost?”

However, the guard did not make any concession.

“Your Royal Highness, we have just received orders from our superiors stating that the VIP seating is fully occupied. It is not we are unwilling to let you in, we are really sorry! If you must participate in the auction, please enter from general admission!”

“What did you say? You have already given me an invitation letter, why is there not enough seats? Are you playing me?”

The guard disdainfully glanced at the Crown Prince. Offending their Lord Owner and still wished to enter the VIP seating? When the Lord Owner entered, he deliberately left those words, how could he allow the Crown Prince inside?

He cast a gaze that was neither frosty or heated towards the Crown Prince, “We are very sorry. The number of prepared rooms originally was enough. But a distinguished guest had unexpectedly came today. In order to give them a position, we could only wrong you, Your Highness!”

The Crown Prince’s face rapidly changed, “What do you mean? What distinguished guest? Are they more important than this Royal? This Royal would like to see which distinguished guest dares to take this Royal’s seat! What can you be considered as? Dare to obstruct this Royal?”

His anger erupted out!

First he had been slapped in the face, and then Thousand Treasure Pavilion obstructed his entry into the auction. One matter after another, all of these were grinding his face into the ground!

Now, even a door guard also didn’t put him in his eyes!

The Crown Prince could no longer maintain his graceful and calm demeanor. Without a thought, he struck out towards the guard’s chest!

A Defensive Profound Realm Seventh Level’s strike was no small matter. The Crown Prince’s palm strike contained the powers of the heaven and earth. In an instant the surrounding atmosphere seemed to solidify.

A burst of exclamations ensued, they all thought that the courageous guard was unfortunate!

Who knew that the guard did not have much of a reaction. Calmly he stepped back and avoided the Crown Prince’s attack.

“Your Royal Highness, please do not forget the rules of Thousand Treasure Pavilion! If you must cause a ruckus in Thousand Treasure Pavilion, I am afraid you can no longer participate in today’s auction.”

The tone of the guard did not change. Nor did it seem like he was angry after being attacked.

But the Crown Prince’s heart, was deeply shocked!

Although he had only used half of his strength in the attack, that guard had easily escaped. That stated the guard’s cultivation was no less than his own!

A trifling guard had such high ability. Then the owner of Thousand Treasure Pavilion…what cultivation level did he reach?

His heart shook in terror and immediately did not dare continue to be rash.

But to be ushered to general admission, he was not reconciled.

He still wanted to argue: “Ok. This Royal can comply with Thousand Treasure Pavilion’s rules, but who took this Royal’s seat? This can not be a secret right?”

That guard replied: “It is the one who just entered. Wu Wei Manor’s Third Young Miss Bai.”

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When Bai Ruo Qi heard this, her heart burned with rage. Bursting out she questioned: “Her? What qualifications does she have to enter VIP seating? She dare climb onto top of His Royal Highness the Crown Prince? Why does she not reflect on her status! Hurry up and make her…..”

“Shut up!”

The guard did not say a word. On the contrary, it was the Crown Prince who had turned around to scold her.

Did Bai Ruo Qi not have a brain? Bai Ruo Li naturally had no qualifications to enter the VIP seating. The reason why she could enter was all due to accompanying that mysterious man.

Although he did not know the identity of that man, but…..he dare not offend him!

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Chapter 97