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Through the entirety of his twenty years, he was man sought after by many. For man who considered himself so well, there was nothing worse than being humiliated and in front of such a large crowd!

This is the biggest disgrace of his life!

But that man was really too strong. The Crown Prince did not think that he wouldn’t be able to put up any resistance in front of him!

He could not swallow it, but had no choice but to swallow it!

After a while, he gradually calmed down. Standing up straight, his expression still indifferent.

Because Bai Ruo Qi could not bear that man’s suppression and vomited out blood, it was only now that she regained conscious. She could barely move as she stood up from the ground.

She bitterly looked at Huang Yue Li’s backview. Her face unable to conceal her look of jealousy!

That little slut, how could she know such a powerful man? Even the Crown Prince was not his opponent! What kind of master could he be? It was hard to imagine.

And that man protected the little slut! In order to vent for her, he publicly disgraced the Crown Prince!

What was good about that thing? Her looks are not outstanding, possessed a scrawny build and a good-for-nothing at cultivation. The trash of trash! Was that man blind? How could he fancy her? What sorcery did that slut use!

Raging with jealousy, Bai Ruo Qi’s heart was burning like a great fire.

At this time, the Crown Prince’s frosty voice sounded in her ear: “What are you still standing around dazed for?”

With a quick quiver, Bai Ruo Qi reacted, “Your…..Your Highness Crown Prince….”

The Crown Prince’s face was not very good, cold sweat appeared on Bai Ruo Qi’s back. She feared that the Crown Prince would be like Bai Liu Jing and take his anger out on her.

Fortunately the Crown Prince had regained some composure, and did not take out his anger on a woman. Instead he asked: “That man, is he the man your Third Sister had an affair with? What are his origins?

Bai Ruo Qi shook her head, “I…I do not know ah! The man we encountered last time definitely was not him! I don’t know how that little……Third Sister came to know him …”

Prince looked at her gloomily, “You are sisters, how could you not know? Useless thing! Go find out for me.”

Listening to this, Bai Ruo Qi secretly complained.

She and Huang Yue Li were no different from enemies. How could they still be called sisters? Where would she go enquire about Bai Ruo Li’s affairs?

Unfortunately the Crown Prince ordered her, she could not reject him.

The Crown Prince’s face eased up and said: “Walk!

He did not care if Bai Ruo Qi could keep up and left first.

Bai Ru Qi was stunned momentarily before she realised that the Crown Prince was actually walking in the direction of Thousand Treasure Pavilion. Chasing him, she prudently asked: “Crown…Crown Prince, where do you intend to go?”

The Crown Prince replied curtly: “The auction! Do you not have eyes?

Being scolded like so, Bai Ruo Qi lowered in her head in silence. Inwardly she puzzled over why the Crown prince would proceed to attend the auction?

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He was humiliated in front of such a crowd today, even she felt that she could not raise her head. She wished to dig a hole and hide herself there. Was her self-esteem a hundred times greater than the Crown Prince’s?

Not finding a place to hide, but proceeding to participate in the auction?

With a sullen face, the Crown Prince did not explain.

He certainly knew that his face was sweeping the ground. But he had no choice but to stay and not leave!

The reason being today’s auction was releasing a Profound Armor Set. He had great use for it. He must definitely purchase that!

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Chapter 95