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Under such an imposing aura, for a woman to be like him, this was the first time he had met one!

This little fox really is not simple. Again and again she gave him surprises!

Not only was she black bellied, sly and courageous, she was also a rare refining genius. And now she had just displayed her overwhelmingly strong spiritual talent.

What was this little fox incapable of?

The man’s burning gaze was too focused on Huang Yue Li. Oddly, she turned to him and asked: “What’s the matter?”

The man chuckled. His voice was low and magnetic, a unique charm.

“Nothing. Go, the auction will soon start. If we dally any longer, we will be late!”

Huang Yue Li reacted quickly, “That’s right! Hurry, hurry, I have waited many days. Such an important event, definitely cannot be late! Aiyo, why are you so slow? Hurry up a bit!”

As she urged the man, she impatiently stomped her foot. Swiftly she strode to the main entrance.

From beginning to end, she did not spare the Crown Prince and Bai Ruo Qi a single glance. As if the two most famous people in South Yue were equal to two beggars on the roadside!

The man shook his head bemusedly and picked up picked pace, chasing her.

This little girl really…..obviously she was the first to start trouble and delayed them. Yet insisted that he was too slow moving. Really overbearing and proud, but it still made him feel she was so cute…..

This time, Thousand Treasure Pavilion’s guard did not stop Huang Yue Li.

When they saw their Lord Owner behind her, the guards all secretly shivered filled with reverence. One by one, they respectfully bowed their heads welcoming them inside. They didn’t dare to breathe too loudly.

Before the two disappeared, silence continued to reign on the street before heating up like a sizzling pan.

“My lord! That was just too frightening! What origins does that man have? Why was he so scary? My clothes are all soaked in sweat!”

“That’s right ah! Too strong. He just stood there and the surrounding temperature fell so by so much. I was trembling so much. Too horrifying!”

“Not just you, even the Crown Prince in front of him, also could not lift his head!”

“This was really incredible. Did they not to say that the Crown Prince was the number one genius of our country? That man certainly did not look old, at most in his early twenties, about the same age as the Crown Prince. But the strength of the two, the gap is too big!”

“Ai, people beyond people, a sky beyond a sky! The Crown Prince is only the most talented in South Yue, while there are many more powerful people in the South Sky Region…….”

“Also right. Could that man be a genius from a sect?”

“Who knows? Well, apart from Lord Bai Liu Feng, we really do not have any other powerhouses. No other praiseworthy talents. His Royal Highness is only so….”

When the Crown Prince heard the various discussions, his slender fingers clenched over his heart, shaking from anger!

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How could it be? This man looked to be about the same age as him, how could be so much stronger than him!

In front of him, he was just like an ant. Unable to put up the slightest resistance.

Too strong…

Moreover, that mysterious did not hold back. Mercilessly humiliating him in South Yue, on his own streets!

The Crown Prince recalled his shameful scene of being suppressed. Furthermore it was in front of so many people, and they has said he was ‘only so’!

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Chapter 94