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This man……in the end where did he come from? What realm had he reached? Why was he unable to guess his cultivation? ?

More importantly, why was he together with the Bai Family’s Third Young Miss? He also said…….that trash …was his woman?

Clenching his teeth, the Crown Prince resentfully swept his eyes over the pair.

The man was quite tall and handsome. With a strong pair of unfathomable eyes; the girl who stood beside though shorter than him by a head, only had a delicate appearance. Yet she possessed a unsulliable atmosphere about her, light and graceful as the clouds.

When this pair stood together, they seemed to complement each other well. Like a match made in heaven.

Moreover, they completely suppressed the Crown Prince and Bai Ruo Qi!

The Crown Prince bit his teeth and said: “May I dare ask for your family name?”

The man looked at hrim indifferently, “Just by you? You do not have the qualifications of learning his Lord’s name!”

The Crown Prince had never suffered such loathing from someone before. He nearly aged drastically from anger!

As he gazed at the mysterious man, his tone turned a bit harsh.

“This distinguished one should know that this is South Yue’s territory, while this one is South Yue’s Crown Prince! Though your cultivation is indeed very high, but a dragon should not provoke snake in its territory. Since you have come to South Yue, you should abide obediently by my country’s rules!”

As the man’s lips arched into a charming curve, he caused the surrounding girls to squeal out. But the words he spat out were unbelievably overbearing and cold!

“Crown Prince? What thing! Get lost!”

The Crown Prince did not expect this. The man would be so dismissive of the distinguished title he was most proud of. But also told him to get lost!

He nearly shattered his teeth, “Distinguished guest, why must you be so blunt, do you not think it is a bit excessive? Though South Yue may be small it still has hidden masters. Must you force things to the point of no return?”

Prince was aware that he was definitely not the man’s opponent, but he could not tuck in his tail and escape. He especially could not do this in front of the citizens of South Yue who respected him so much.

This face….he can not afford to lose!

Furthermore, the fact that he had come to participate in this Third Levelled Profound Armament auction, indicated he came from a nearby third levelled power at most.

Though South Yue was a small kingdom, it still had an ancestor at the fourth realm. He had always resided in the palace. If this man was not stupid, he should be afraid of the consequences. Would he really dare to bully the country’s Crown Prince?

However, the Crown Prince still predicted wrongly!

The mysterious man did not put him in his eyes at all. The aura his released only increased!

The suppressive aura released by someone more powerful was hard to resist.

Bai Ruo Qi immediately spat out a mouthful of blood. Face pale, she fell to the ground.

While the Crown Prince used a skill in hopes of defending himself. But the mysterious man’s suppressive might was as heavy as Mount Tai. Layer by layer is descended, the difference between their strengths was as large at the distance between the earth and sky!

Face flushed, it took all of the Crown Prince’s perseverance not to kneel. But he still took steps backwards!

One step! Two steps! Three steps!

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After placing a distance of about ten feet between them, did his face resume a more normal hue. His footsteps stopped then.

Only then did the mysterious man restrain his aura.

He did not give the Crown Prince a second glance, but turned directly towards Huang Yue Li. His gaze filled with surprise and appreciation!

He had easily suppressed South Yue’s acclaimed genius. The Crown Prince had taken many steps backwards in retreat, yet his little fox’s expression still remained in its usual graceful manner.

So much that only faint smile hung on her face after watching that good show!

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Chapter 93