Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 92

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This sudden change in circumstances stunned even the Crown Prince.

As he heard the man’s voice, he was the first one to turn around to look at him.

He did not know when this tall and imposing man appeared beside Huang Yue Li.

He was dressed in a black robe. While his robe sleeves and chest, were embroidered with golden cloud designs. It seemed low-key and arrogant but also contained an indescribable noble grace.

His white skin was like the moonlight, a silver mask fitting on the top half of his face. But to was enough to see his angular facial contours. His jawline beautifully sculpted, thin lips pursed and with an isolated grace.

Just by standing there quietly, he created an aura that could not be ignored. An imposing manner, wholly displaying his overbearing arrogance!

“You….who are you?” The Crown Prince looked at him guarded and asked.

At his first glance towards the man, he intuitively felt threatened!

The man coldly hooked his mouth. Sweeping a glance to Huang Yue Li, he said: “Her man, did you not hear?”

Three black lines appeared on Huang Yue Li’s forehead. Spinning around, she fiercely glared at the man.

“Hey! Enough, can you not speak nonsense? When did you become my man? These kinds of words, can you announce it so randomly? I have no relationship with you!”

The man chuckled out loud: “What does it matter? If you speak like this, it makes this Lord too heartbroken…..for we have an intimate relationship….a business relationship.”

When he said those words, he only whispered the last three words. Only Huang Yue Li could hear them.

While the passersby who were listening to the conversation, only heard the words ‘intimate relationship’.

For a time, all kinds of amazed expression were seen in their eyes as they stared at the two.

“My lord! What is this? So the scandal Third Young Miss Bai had was true? The male in question has also appeared?” People exclaimed.

“Silence!” One of her companion’s hurriedly placed their hand on her mouth, “With this man’s imposing aura, his cultivation is probably higher than the Crown Prince’s! This kind of person….can you afford to offend? It’s best if we quickly leave!”

“When did South Yue possess such a strong person? Could he have come from another country for the auction? Do you think he will starting a fight with the Crown Prince?”

The young girl who just recently held a lovestruck expression for the Crown Prince, had already turned her gaze towards that man. Furthermore, she completely ignored the Crown Prince standing too far away.

It was like she had forgotten she was just recently smitten by the Crown Prince’s appearance.

“How can that be? South Yue still has such a handsome and dashing young man?”

“That’s right. And he is really…….so strong…….His Highness the Crown Prince is not his match right?”

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A variety of opinions arose, while the Crown Prince’s face turned darker and darker.

As the Crown Prince of South Yue and the number one genius, he was born with dignity and strength. Complemented with his handsome appearance, he thought quite highly of himself. He felt that no man could compare to him!

But the man beside Huang Yue Li, just exposed half of his face. And that half was enough to show to everyone, regardless of looks or temperament he was hundred times better than himself!

Furthermore, that domineeringly almost suffocating aura from his body clearly displayed that he was many times stronger too!

Compared to him, he was as small as an ant!

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Chapter 92