Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 91

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Huang Yue Li stepped back and smiled: “His Royal Highness has such might, are you feeling guilty? Only you are allowed to scold me, and I am not allowed to do the same? I must have said the truth!

Bai Ruo Qi suddenly cried out: “Third Younger Sister, why must you speak like this? If such words are to spread out, are you trying to harm your Elder Sister’s reputation?”

Her pair of sympathetic eyes really seemed ridiculous to Huang Yue Li!

When Bai Ruo Qi told others of her scandal, why did she not consider her reputation? Now that it concerned herself, she acted pitifully?

However, in the eyes of the Crown Prince, the pitiful appearance of a beauty was too heartbreaking!

In contrast, Huang Yue Li who very clearly knew he was the Crown Prince, didn’t even look him in the eyes. She also treated him to disrespectfully, this woman….was too much of an eyesore!

Bai Ruo Qi’s words were like fuel, adding to the Crown Prince’s fury.

“Qi’er, do not feel bad. I will teach her a lesson for you!”

Bai Ruo Qi exposed a successful smile.

Huang Yue Li laughed, “Thousand Treasure Pavilion’s rules do not allow for guests to cause problems within its vicinity. Crown Prince must you absolutely make your move here?”

The Crown Prince laughed: “This is South Yue’s land, this Royal’s words, who dares to object? Not mentioning Thousand Treasure Pavilion, if I wished to demolish Thousand Treasure Pavilion, the owner would not dare to say a word!”

“Is that so?”

Huang Yue Li was smiling widely, while she secretly reached for the weapon hidden within her clothes.

The guards around the Crown Prince were at the Defensive Profound Realm. In South Yue, they were considered powerful. They were a few levels higher than the guards in Valiant Martial Manor.

Although the secret weapon within her hands had no problem in dealing with a few practitioners at the Defensive Profound Realm, her body still possessed no profound qi. Control of the Profound Armament’s power would be limited. She must be prudent.

She would not attack recklessly. But when she did, it will strike!

When the guards heard the order, they approached her, “Third Young Miss Bai, please! You are noble born lady, we do not wish to be rough with you.”

As the guards said this, their eyes revealed their disdain.

The name of the Bai Family’s good-for-nothing Third Young Miss had long spread throughout the entire country of South Yue. They did not believe she held any chance of resisting.

So what is she was a Marquis’ daughter? Where is her powerful father currently? With no cultivational talent, in front the Crown Prince, she couldn’t even measure to one of them, Defensive Profound Realm Imperial Guards!

Huang Yue Li sneered internally. She deliberately made a panicked expression.

“You……what do you want to do?”

Seeing the approaching guards, Huang Yue Li was ready to make her move.

Suddenly, a burst of violent profound qi swept past from behind her.

‘Bang! Bang!’

Two loud noises came, as the two guards Defensive Profound Realm were already sent flying!

Not only did they fly away, they flew in a long arc before hitting the ground far away.

The surrounding crowd followed the arc of the guards with little reaction.

The personal guards of the Crown Prince….they were experts at the Defensive Profound Realm, Defensive Profound Realm!

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In South Yue, Defensive Profound Masters were one in ten thousand. Each one could receive a position and land. A existence that ordinary people looked up to!

They were actually… easily…sent flying?

Listening to their frightful cries, the two people had fallen face first……

Everyone could not help but shiver, experiencing the pain alongside them….

At the same time, a low voice sounded coldly: “You dare to touch this Lord’s woman? Who gave such courage?”

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Chapter 91