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Looking at the sky’s colour, Huang Yue Li laughed out: “What other advice does His Royal Highness the Crown Prince have? If you do not have any more, I do not have the time to accompany you further!”

“You, wait!”

As she turned to go, the Crown Prince hurriedly stepped forward, wishing to stop her.

Bai Ruo Qi did not expect Huang Yue Li to really attract the Crown Prince’s gaze. Her heart was filled with hate.

She hurriedly stepped forward to block the Crown Prince, whispering: “Your Royal Highness, do not be angered. Let my Third Sister go! She is young and does not understand rules. Just a few days ago because of some things, she was forbidden to leave for a long time. With great difficulty she was finally allowed out. Please do not bicker with her.”

She looked very generous, but failed to mention what happened exactly.

Although did she not say, the Manor Madam had spread some rumours a couple of days ago. When she visited the Royal Palace, she had spread the news of her niece attempting to hang herself after it was discovered that she had been meeting with a man. This news naturally reached the Crown Prince’s ears as well.

His fine pair of eyebrows immediately wrinkled.

The thought of this little girl offending public morals, and maybe losing her virtue had caused bursts of nausea to erupt from his heart. The previous throbs instantly vanished.

Why did he waste so much time looking at this low levelled thing? He was bewitched!

It was still Bai Ruo Qi, a talented, beautiful and gentle woman who was worthy of him!

Thinking of this, the Crown Prince gaze turned into a look of disgust.

“Looks like Third Young Miss Bai did not reflect when you were under house arrest. Still so arrogant and despotic! This auction is not a place where you should come! Someone come and take Third Young Miss Bai back to Valiant Martial Manor. Let Valiant Martial Manor properly discipline her!”

From behind the Crown Prince, out stepped two black armored guards. Taking a few steps, they stopped in front of Huang Yue Li.

Halting her steps, Huang Yue Li turned back to the smiled at the two.

“So interesting. I do not where I am wrong and need to return to reflect?”

The Crown Prince sneered: “Must you force this Royal to say it? The news of your scandal with a man has spread throughout the entire Royal Palace! As Valiant Martial Manor’s only daughter, you dare to do such moral offending business! Also refusing to admit your wrongs?”

“But…..” Huang Yue Li innocently blinked, “I merely spoke some words with a stranger and it became a scandal. Second Sister and the Crown Prince has no engagement, but are close enough to go shopping together. You also rode in the same horse carriage. What would that indicate? Male adulterer****? Catching a couple in the act?”

Within the onlookers, there were many young girls who were jealous of Bai Ruo Qi. When they heard those words, they began to discuss secretly amongst themselves.

“That’s right. The official choosing of the Imperial Concubine has yet to occur. But Bai Ruo Qi is already shopping together with the Crown Prince. Really too shameless!”

“Yes, in the end there is still no Royal Decree. Coming out together like that, losing oneself like that!”

“If the Emperor does not choose her as the Imperial Concubine, and she still continues to be intimate with the Crown Prince, who would dare to marry her?”

Bai Ruo Qi’s face became very red.

“You….what did you say? Venomous slander! I and His Royal Highness the Crown Prince are just friends. On what basis can you say we are male adulterer****? You shameless slut….”

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Bai Ruo Qi almost exposed herself. Regaining control of herself, she swallowed back the vulgar words.

At the same time, she looked at the Crown Prince with some apprehension.

She was hoping her sudden loss of self didn’t make the Crown Prince disgusted. Creating loathing towards her.

Fortunately, this time, the Crown Prince was quite angered. He did not have the time to bother with her.

His eyes fell on Huang Yue Li and sneered: “Good! Very stupid! Just a little marquis lady, yet dares to offend her superiors! What are you waiting for? Go and arrest her!”

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Chapter 90