Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 89

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Hearing the Crown Prince supporting her like that, Bai Ruo Qi nearly laughed out gleefully. The stifled feeling she had been suppressing was released. With a compassionate expression, she sympathetically looked towards Huang Yue Li.

Huang Yue Li pricked up her eyebrows, looking into their eyes was like looking at two idiots!

No wonder’s Bai Ruo Qi and the Second Madam were so anxious to send her to her death. Bai Ruo Qi had long hooked up with the Crown Prince, so she found her younger sister an eyesore. She wished to eliminate the biggest block in her path.

Speaking of which, this Crown prince also held a ruthless look.

When Bai Liu Feng first went missing, he still treated Bai Ruo Li well. From his youth, he would take of her like a fiance would.

Who could predict that Bai Liu Feng would not come back. Coupled with the fact that Bai Ruo Li did not have an ounce of cultivation talent, the Crown Prince’s attitude did an one hundred eighty degree flip.

Towards Bai Ruo Li’s tragic predicament, he turned towards more promising prospects. His gaze turned to Bai Ruo Qi, who was more suitable to become his Imperial Consort.

While silly Bai Ruo Li still remembered the Crown Prince older brother. She assumed that the engagement between them was still valid, believing that he would sooner or later come and take her away from this suffering!

She lightly laughed: “So you are the Crown Prince ah…..tsk tsk, meeting in person really is better. What number one genius? Not only is your talent mediocre, even your intellect seems to be damaged!”

“You… dare to talk to this Royal like this? !”

This was the first time the Crown Prince experienced such ridicule. He couldn’t believe his ears.

Huang Yue Li faintly smiled: “You actually this that this woman who’s like a snake is kind. Haha… I am really starting to doubt if there is something wrong with your eyes too?”

“Bold! Really such a vulgar woman! Daring to mouth such outrageous claims infront of this Royal. One can only imagine how you usually bully Qi’er!”

The Crown Prince’s face was slightly flushed, glaring at Huang Yue Li.

“Boom” it sounded!

The profound qi within the Crown Prince’s body burst out, creating a powerful pressure.

In an instant, the crowd’s faces turned pale, their chests stuffy as they quickly escaped.

Even Bai Ruo Qi felt her chest tighten, nearly vomiting blood.

She quickly retreated a few steps, trace of a smile floating on her face.

Huang Yue Li that idiot, even dared to provoke His Royal Highness! He was an expert at the seventh level of the Defensive Profound Realm. Her demonic techniques would useless in front of him.

With the Crown Prince’s noble status, Bai Ruo Li was nothing even with her Region Princess title!

She was finished!

With the passing of each second and minute, no one dared to linger. Clutching her stomach, Bai Ruo Qi retreated thirty feet!

However, the person suffering the majority of this pressure, Huang Yue Li acted as if she felt nothing. Casually she smiled.

“How could you…….?” The Crown Prince was shocked.

Someone who possessed no profound qi could resist his seventh level Defensive Profound Realm aura! And so easily? He may as well go meet a ghost!

They still say that this little girl was a cultivational trash?

He couldn’t help but look at Huang Yue Li a few times.

Compared to the carefully dressed Bai Ruo Qi, Huang Yue Li was clothed in a very common white dress with a purple fox like vest. On her ears were a small set of small pearl earrings.

She was originally elegant looking. So why when she dressed like this, she became as ordinary and tasteless as water.

However, in such an appearance, it was she was glowing. Just by standing there, she had her own elegant and pure demeanor.

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A cold alienated blossom, looking so special. Cold and arrogant, overwhelmingly fragrant!

For a short duration, the Crown Prince was a bit bedazzled.

Bai Rou Qi gnashed her teeth hard.

How could it be? Why did the little slut not vomit blood, still standing there perfectly fine?

And the Crown Prince’s gaze. Was it is necessary to stare at the little slut for such a long time? She didn’t even have portion of her beauty, too lackluster!

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Chapter 89