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“What did you say? That’s His Royal Highness, the Crown Prince? The most honorable and powerful son of our South Yue Kingdom?”

An flowery dressed aristocratic girl’s face was flushed. With a fascinated look, “I did not expect his Royal Highness to be not only talented, but also so handsome. He is just like one of the gods in heaven…..if you could marry his Royal Highness; even becoming a concubine would be fortunate!”

Her companion quickly pulled her to the side.

“Oh, hurry and stop! The Crown Prince is a man equal to the dragon and phoenix. How can someone like you match?”

The aristocratic girl stared with dissatisfied at her companion: “What is the matter? Do you not think like this too? I heard that the Crown Prince will be choosing his Imperial Consort soon. I am still a general’s daughter, maybe I will have an opportunity? Even if I don’t become the Imperial Consort, becoming an ordinary concubine is still likely!”

Her companion replied in a hushed voice: “Do not say anymore! Do you not see the person beside the Crown Prince?”

That girl had not put the girl beside the Crown Prince in her eyes. But hearing their reminder, she swept a glance over. She nearly screamed out in fear.

“Uh……it’s actually……Valiant Martial Manor’s Second Miss?”

“Is it not? I say that she is already the Imperial Consort by default! See how close they are. The rumors may be true?”

“It was her…..”

The key thing was that she possessed a four grade cultivation talent! She is South Yue’s most talented female! With the Crown Prince……they are a match made in heaven ah…..”

“And today, Second Miss Bai is participating in the auction with the Crown Prince. She mostly likely is his Imperial Consort?”

Listening to the surrounding passers-by discussions, the noble girl embarrassingly lowered her head.

His Royal Highness had long become accustomed to the pursuit of others. His facial expression, his fanning motions only served to further his romantic and suave heroic air. Prompting frequent peeks from surroundings girls.

While Bai Ruo Qi who was standing near the Crown Prince inched closer to him.

Hearing the envy and jealousy of the nearby girls, she couldn’t help but become proud.

Sure enough, only a beautiful and talented girl like herself, could be worthy of the Crown Prince. If others wanted to fight with her, take a look mirror ask themselves if they’re worthy!

The Crown Prince had agreed to come to the auction today with her. She did waste her various preparations towards the Crown Prince.

That little slut Bai Ruo Li, did she not arrogantly say that the person marrying the Crown Prince was not certain?

She really wanted to eat swan meat!

Aren’t she and the Crown Prince together? Does she have anymore to say? That little slut mostly likely wants to drill a hole in the ground and hide there.

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Bai Ruo Qi’s proud gaze swept over Huang Yue Li’s expressionless one.

“His Royal Highness, please do not blame my Third Sister. She grew up with no father and mother, and with no cultivational talent. So her temper is a bit weird. It is but human nature, I do not mind.”

Prince looked into her eyes, his expression softening.

“Qi’er, you have too good of a character, too generous! This kind of woman who does not know proper courtesy, I am afraid also uses her Region Princess title wildly at home, angering you many times? It is hard on you to speak on her behalf!”

As he said this, he turned to look at Huang Yue Li, “Look at how much face Qi’er is giving you. Apologise to Qi’er and properly reflect once you return home! Think over your actions, how ashamed your father will be!”

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Chapter 88