Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 87

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Thinking briefly, Huang Yue Li was interrupted just as she about to speak.

A familiar girl’s voice came from behind her.

“Third Younger Sister, it really is you! Looking at your back, I felt it was a little familiar. I thought that I saw incorrectly!”

Turning around, Huang Yue Li saw Bai Ruo Qi standing not too far away.

She frowned faintly.

Today she was ready to watch the bustling and the experience the feeling of money rolling in, her mood really good. What she didn’t expect to encounter was an annoying person, ruining her mood.

Just seven days ago, Bai Ruo Qi’s white face was swollen like a pig’s. But now, all that swelling had disappeared. She returned to her bright and clean looking face.

It looked like a Second Rank Alchemist had cured her face. Otherwise, there was no possibility for it to heal that quickly!

Furthermore, Bai Ruo Qi was dressed very lavishly today. She wore an exquisite golden embroidered skirt. Not only her makeup further enhanced her beauty, she was also sporting a variety of precious pearls and gems.

Though her dress style was extravagant, it did not seem gaudy. It was just enough to bring out her beauty. Paired with that smile that wasn’t quite a smile and her calm and tranquil tone, it really made her seem like an outstanding noble lady!

Huang Yue Li measured her up and smiled: “I was wondering who it was. So it was Second Sister! Why have you come out? I heard that you suffered a very serious injury and have been recuperating in the Manor lately. All this time, not daring to meet with others!”

Bai Ruo Qi responded with surprise: “Third Sister, where did you hear those rumors from? I just caught a slight cold, nothing much. A few days of rest at home is enough. How did such tragic rumors come about?”

Her tone was a bit helpless, her brows also wrinkled.

If you were to just see her expression, you would think that Huang Yue Li was a very stupid younger sister. Not listening to her elder sister’s teachings, causing her much embarrassment in public!

This woman……was worthy of being the goddess to many young males in South Yue. The complete opposite to that simpled-minded Bai Ruo Yan. She really knew how to act in public.

Huang Yue Li pricked up her eyebrows, “So they were merely rumors ah…..then I congratulate Second Sister in restoring her health! However, you should be careful when leaving the Manor in the future. My back courtyard is very dilapidated and very windy. Second Sister should visit less, what if you catch another ‘cold’!”

“You!” Bai Ruo Qi displayed a hurt expression.

Act, continue to act!

Huang Yue Li was displeased by her disgusting heart.

But her mind still reminded her of the big auction about to be held. She did not have the time to trade empty words her. She could find later opportunities to retaliate.

So with a few mocking words, she was ready to leave!

However, just as Huang Yue Li turned to leave, she was stopped.

A clear male voice was heard: “Third Young Miss Bai is so arrogant and domineering. You do not even give your cousin the proper etiquette! Seeing is truly a hundred times better than not seeing! This one has really experienced it today!”

Taking a step, Huang Yue Li raised her head in surprise.

Standing beside Bai Ruo Qi was a graceful man. His five visceras were extremely handsome and had an outstanding temperament. His robe was bright yellow, further enhancing and excluding his noble and virtuous aura.

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He indifferently chuckled, especially when he saw Huang Yue Li in the distance. That laugh also held a trace of contempt.

This man….looked a little familiar ah….

Suddenly bursts of exclamations sounded.

“The Crown Prince! His Royal Highness the Crown Prince! Today’s auction even attracted His Royal Highness the Crown Prince as well!”

“Are the Profound Armaments auctioned today that powerful? Even the Crown Prince came!”

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Chapter 87