Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 85

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Huang Yue Li fiercely stared at the man, “Quickly, let me go!”

“Not letting go!” The man smiled calmly, shamelessly tightening his arms around her.

Huang Yue Li’s gaze was like daggers sliding past his throat.

Feeling his back turn a little cold, he quickly changed the topic.

“Little girl, today’s auction is the largest auction that Thousand Treasure pavilion has held in its history! Third Levelled Profound Armaments are very rare, even the country’s Royal Family are very interested. They have dispatched someone over to the auction as well! Just patiently wait for your money to come.”

“Is that so? Since you speak like this, you put all your effort into the auction?”

Huang Yue Li casted him a side glance.

In the past few days, Huang Yue Li noticed the many news faces appearing within the capital’s crowds. It was very obvious that they had come from neighbouring countries. Judging from their clothes, they were all very wealthy.

Needless to say, these people had come for the auction.

As the carriage neared Thousand Treasure Pavilion, the horse carriages and pedestrians increased in number. One could imagine how lively Thousand Treasure Pavilion would be today.

Thinking of her money, Huang Yue Li’s mouth finally exposed a trace of a smile.

The man’s gaze filled with nostalgia landed on her smile. He thought that her money grubber attitude was very adorable, causing his heart to thump.

He whispered: “That’s right, this Lord naturally made every effort to complete your matter well.”

Huang Yue Li lifted her chin, saying: “You sure can speak well!”

She knew that she could not leave this man and did not struggle. Thus she turned her attention back to outside window.

While the man was unwilling to avert his own attention to things outside of the horse carriage. His complete attention was all directed to the little fox within his arms. To be able to hold her within his arms, he really wished this moment to go on for longer.

However, the journey from her back courtyard to Thousand Treasure Pavilion was not far away. Before long, the carriage came to a stop.

Patting the man’s arm, Huang Yue Li said: “We’re here, let’s quickly get off!”

Unexpectedly the man did not move but lowly laughed: “What’s the urgency? We arrived too early, and with thousands of people in front of Thousand Treasure Pavilion, why do we need to force our way through? We’ll get off just before the doors open!”

Huang Yue Li hesitated for a moment. Pursing her lips together: “This ah…..ok then……”

Smiling, the man looked as if he was about to molest her. Suddenly he felt a sharp pain.

While Huang Yue Li was still a bit confused, she had suddenly stepped down hard.

She was proficient in a variety of sneak attacks, stepping on that location was very tricky. Not only did she step down, she also began grinding too. That was you called a true aching foot, sore beyond belief!

From atop her head, the man’s cries travelled. While the pressure on her waist relaxed a bit.

Throwing her elbow backwards, Huang Yue Li heavily hit the man’s chest. Taking advantage of his stunned state, she quickly jumped out of his arms.

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“Wait on in the carriage yourself. I will get off first!”

Turning her head from the door of the carriage, Huang Yue Li proudly smiled at him and proceeded to jump down.

Bent down at the waist, he clutched his chest. When he did this, he happened to see her fox-like smile revealing a set of pointy teeth. Making her seem more like a fox.

It took him quite a while to regain himself. A flash on interest swept past his eyes.

“Really good…..too treacherous…..however, this Lord just likes this kind of interesting person. Little fox, don’t think of running away. Sooner or later, this Lord will bring you back with me!”

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Chapter 85