Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 84

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This was inverting black and white!

Huang Yue Li thought that her daily actions were already black bellied enough. Who knew this man would be a hundred times more shameless than her!

Clearly it was he who deliberately pulled her. But he said it out through her free will!

Huang Yue Li’s petite body was captured within his steel-like embrace. No matter how she struggled, she could not budge at all.

As the man’s hot breath blew onto her sensitive earlobe, her facial temperature unconsciously rose.

Taking a deep breath, she stabilized her breathing and said: “Lord Owner, your words are bit off! I do not know why you are so concerned about me, but I have no interest in you! I can see your cultivation is very high, your extravagance it not little either. Your identity is probably not an ordinary one too. Do you plan on assaulting an innocent and pure young girl?”

Hearing this, the man could not help but laugh out loudly.

“Pure and innocent young girl?”

Which innocent girl will be like this little fox, black bellied and ruthless? This little girl still had the face to such a thing!

Hearing his words of ridicule, Huang Yue Li forcibly suppressed the rising anger.

“Why do you laugh? What do you mean?”

The man’s heart filled with warmth, a happy heart. His tone carrying traces of languidness.

“Nothing. It seems this Lord misunderstood you. Since you are not voluntarily sitting into the arms of this Lord, this Lord will not hold you any longer. You may go!”

Finishing, he really loosened his arm.

Huang Yue Li never thought that this man suddenly become so easy to reason with. She froze for a moment

He didn’t deliberately take advantage of her? Why did he only hold for a bit, before letting go?

The man smiled and looked at her, “What? Not willing to go? Then don’t be reluctant to admit your mistake. Obediently serve this Lord a cup of tea……”

“You dream too well! Who is not willing to go? ?”

Huang Yue Li snapped at him. Immediately stood up and intended to leave.

However, before she could stand firmly, the carriage shook violently.

Outside the window, came a loud and clear horse whine, then the coachman’s cries. Clearly the Flowing Cloud Colt had been frightened.

With Huang Yue Li’s center of gravity unstable, shaking to and fro she was unable to gain proper footing. Once again, she fell into the iron like arms of the man.

The next moment, the man’s arms coiled around her again.

Next to her ear, came his wanton chuckle, “Little girl, you really can not bear to leave this Lord, but also embarrassed to admit!”

Huang Yue Li almost vomited blood.

The Flowing Cloud Colt was a Fifth Grade Demonic Beast. Regardless of the terrain, muddy or rugged road, it would be able to cross it like it was walking across flat plains. How can the capital’s smooth roads causally startle it?

Most certainly the man had done some secret tricks!

She could only blame herself for not expecting this man to play her like that!

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As the man saw Huang Yue Li’s puffed up cheeks on her little face, his mouth rose up naturally into a smug smile.

In front of other people, this little fox was always so calm; nothing could make her surprised or panicked. Only he could make this black bellied little fox, reveal this angry look.

An expression exclusive to him……..

Of course, he would like to see this little fox act a little like an ordinary woman. Coming into his arms and acting like spoiled child.

That day, should be coming soon, right?

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Chapter 84