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Agonizing over it, Bai Liu Feng finally decided to entrust his daughter to his brother and set out to find his missing wife.

He didn’t expect that after he left, no news of him would be heard again.

In a moment, eleven years had passed by.

This Blood Feather Silk Cage was also something Bai Liu Feng left behind.

With his estimations, with he and his wife’s outstanding talents, their daughter would at least be a ninth grade talent. With a large possibility to be even greater!

Ten years later, his daughter would also reach the fourth boundary, Dan Profound Realm.

While the array he left behind, its effect would also weaken over time.

Once Bai Ruo Li broke through to the Dan Profound Realm, she would be able to break the hidden array. Then she would obtain the letter and understand everything.

“So it was like this…..”

Reading everything, Huang Yue Li slowly closed the scroll and let out a sad sigh.

Bai Liu Feng had planned out everything so meticulously, leaving with great confidence. But things were could not be without variables. With the development of things, many deviated greatly from his expectations.

The years before Bai Liu Feng disappeared, Bai Liu Jing only acted like a good brother. Respectful of his elder brother, their brotherly bond deep.

Even in his dreams Bai Liu Feng could not predict that once he left, his brother would turn into a blind eye wolf. Abusing his niece.

In addition, while Bai Ruo Li inherited her parents extraordinary talents, and even greater. Her talents were too heaven-defying, leading her display something that was equivalent to a good-for-nothing……

It was like a big pair of invisible hands were present, manipulating the fate of everything.

Once the scroll closed, there was no spontaneous combustion. But shortly afterwards, it turned into black ash.

As Huang Yue Li’s sight returned back to the mahogany box, her eyes landed on the small jade lying in the corner.

In Bai Liu Feng’s letter, he had mentioned that the jade could be used to access his treasures. Many years of travelling through South Sky Region allowed him to collect many treasures, which were all hidden in a secret safe.

Picking up the jade, Huang Yue Li gave it a closer look.

On the side of the jade it read: Third earthly branch third day, left eleven, upper two nine.

What did that mean?

Eyebrows arched, Huang Yue Li made a face. On the other side were two ancient engraved words.

She only glances at it. But when she recognized them, her eyes widened and revealed her shock!

Celestial Light!

Engraved on the jade, were actually the two words ‘Celestial Light’!

If you were to mention those words in the South Sky Region, there was no one who would not know it.

That was because Celestial Light was the largest sect within the South Sky Region. This influence was spread through every one of the hundreds of tiny countries in the domain. Even the Domain Master must pay his respects to a Celestial Light Sect core disciple.

Within the Soaring Heavens Continent, the Celestial Light Sect held equal standing with the major forces.

The engravings of Celestial Light was the symbol of the sect. An average person would not dare to imitate it.

What relationship did Bai Liu Feng have with the Celestial Light Sect?

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Also, this jade piece with those nonsensical numbers, what was their meaning?

Huang Yue Li originally thought that Bai Liu Feng had given her a treasure map!

In the end, it she who had dreamed too blissfully.

No matter how she checked the box, apart from the jade pendant and letter, there were no other clues.

At her wit’s end, Huang Yue Li could only put away the jade pendant and seamless box.

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Chapter 81