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Huang Yue Li hurried closed in, reading more carefully.

“To my beloved daughter Ruo Li: If you see this letter, then father has probably left you for more than ten years……”

Huang Yue Li was stunned.

When Bai Liu Feng mysteriously disappeared, Bai Ruo Li was only three years of age. While she would turn fourteen this years. Calculating that, it would be around a decade.

It looked like Bai Liu Feng had prepared to leave for an extended period of time. It was not a case of meeting with an unfortunate accident, but out of his own initiative.

Huang Yue Li slightly frowned.

Her father’s reputation in the South Yue was very good, he was a good man of righteousness. In the end what was the reason that forced him to leave his young daughter?

Soon, she found her answer in the long letter.

Bai Liu Feng was indeed a very rare cultivating genius with eighth grade talent. But because he was born in South Yue, it delayed his progress and starting point.

Nevertheless, when he was seventeen years old, he broke through to the fourth level of cultivation – Dan Profound Realm. He became the best of South Yue’s cultivators.

From that day onwards, he would travel in all directions to enhance his cultivation. He even formed on a famous mercenary group within South Sky Region——becoming the Head of the North Wind Mercenaries.

It was during that time, he met an outstanding woman who possessed even greater talent than his own. She was the mother of Bai Ruo Li.

After going through many experiences together, the two gradually grew attracted to each other. Later they returned to South Yue, married and gave birth to the clever, quick-witted, adorable as white jade daughter, Bai Ruo Li.

Reading to this point, Huang Yue Li became somewhat flabbergasted.

“Strange, that cheap father was already an eighth grade talent, but mother had greater talent than him. Could she have ninth grade talent? This was too unlikely?”

In the Soaring Heavens Continent, ninth grade talent talent only appeared only once every hundred years or so.

In her past life, because Huang Yue Li had ninth grade talent, she was taken by the Mythical Flame Palace at the tender age of three. Entering their doors, with the Palace’s power, she carefully cultivated.

In history, each and every ninth grade talent genius were famous characters within the continent. Even if they came from humble beginnings, each and every one would rise up.

If Bai Ruo Li’s mother was such a person, how come she had never heard her name before….

Huang Yue Li continued to read.

The contents onwards, just became worse.

Soon after Bai Ruo Li’s mother gave birth to her, a mysterious man came knocking. Forcibly, he took her away!

In order to not implicate her husband and daughter, she promised to leave with him. But secretly, she left a letter behind for Bai Liu Feng.

The letter told the Bai Liu Feng, the person who took her away was her clansmen, and not an existence he could contend against. It told him not think about her again. Also mentioning that he must not leak news about their daughter out, otherwise she would definitely be taken away!

The love of his life was taken away just like that. Bai Liu Feng was heartbroken beyond belief.

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Although his wife’s letter asked him not to find her, how could Bai Liu Feng not?

Crazily, he began to cultivate to improve his cultivation. All the while, he frantically searched for the whereabouts of his wife. Finally three years later, he obtained a clue.

He knew that he was entering dangerous waters, with very slim chances of returning. He also couldn’t stop worry about his young daughter.

However, this fleeting opportunity to find his wife, he could not let go so easily.

Otherwise he would regret it for a lifetime!

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Chapter 80