Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 8

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Nonchalantly, Huang Yue li waved her hand: “Go out now and properly rest. Tomorrow morning, clean up the courtyard. It has been completely trashed by those dirty people. You truly can not continue to live here.”

On the other hand, Cai Wei still possessed that lifeless expression of hers. She really couldn’t believe that she had just….had just swallowed three high grade Blood Clotting Pills!!!

Did the Young Miss not know how precious those were? Even if one was part of the royal household, they still wouldn’t randomly give servants pills; let alone high grade ones! Not to mention that fact that she had swallowed three of them for merely a flesh injury!

Even if you want to ruin the family, you wouldn’t ruin it like this!

Did the Young Miss think that medicinal pills were like cabbages, growing everywhere?

Originally she thought that her family’s Young Miss had become clear-headed. What she didn’t realize was, she had only become more foolish??

It was only when Cai Wei had blankly shuffled out of the room, did Huang Yue Li dawn on an extremely serious expression.

She truly could not think of anything else as she pondered. Just how did she snatch an opportunity for rebirth!

When was she was at the Extreme Northern Region, she was pursed by the masters of several powerful sects due to the godly Sky Phoenix Ring. Consequently, she was also humiliated by falling into their ambush, resulting in her choice of self-detonation.

Logically speaking, the normal ending would be her soul dissipating. So how, how did she enter this body?

Additionally, who betrayed her to fall into that trap?

Even after considering all possibilities for quite some time, Huang Yue Li still could not come through with a suitable answer. Since she could not solve it, she put it aside for now.

‘Nevermind. Since I was able to come back, it is still a good thing.’

‘Currently, the most important task I must do is to quickly strengthen myself and reach my previous power.’

Her current strength was pitiful beyond pitiful. Even an insignificant girl at fourth level of the Qi Profound Realm could act like a big shot in front of her. How could she possibly talk about taking revenge and wiping this grudge away?

Furthermore, since she had taken possession of Bai Ruo Li’s body, she must teach those scums who had killed Bai Ruo Li a proper lesson. That way, it would also a be a form of repayment to her.

With a plan in mind, Huang Yue Li crossed her legs on the bed and began to meditate.

Valiant Martial Manor had thoroughly used all their power to suppress her. Even the cultivation manuals that their family had passed down through the age had not been given to her.

Fortunately within Huang Yue Li’s eyes, those cultivation manuals of the Bai family were much too basic and coarse.

The first step in cultivation was to absorb qi. You must meld the profound qi within the heaven and earth into your body and meridians.

One must then allow the profound qi to pass through all twelve of the meridians, completing one full circuit. This would cleanse the body of all the impurities within and entering the first level. Once you are able to do this, you have successfully entered into the ranks of martial practitioners, becoming one of the most elementary practitioners.

This process was extremely tedious.

Even to a first grade talent who had started from the young age of ten, would need at least three years to link up all their channels.

As for Bai Ruo Yan, she was a second grade talent and was rare for someone of her age, fourteen, to reach the fourth level of the Qi Profound Realm. Due to this, she did not put Bai Rou Li in her eyes.

In her previous life, Huang Yue Li was an inheriting disciple to one of the Four Great Hidden Sacred Grounds, the Mythical Flame Palace. She possessed the universally shocking ninth grade talent, enabling her to link all her meridians within a single night. In the history of the Soaring Heavens Continent, she was the second genius of that tier.

She casually reminisced a bit about her past life’s cultivation path before drawing on the qi around her.

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However, from the afternoon all the way to nightfall, she was not able to sense even a single thread of profound qi.

With the passing of time, Huang Yue Li’s expression also became increasingly ugly.

Even when she had awoken, Huang Yue Li could sense that this body was very weak, bursting with weakness, super-ultra weak! But she had still underestimated the seriousness of the problem.

One in two people usually possessed only a bit of talent. Even those who possessed first grade talent could, with time and effort sense a sliver of worldly profound qi. Not to mention that fact that she was currently cultivating with a top notch Saint Grade Upper Level method. In spite of all this, she could not sense anything? ?

This Bai Rou Li really was peak grade trash!

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Chapter 8