Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 77

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The boy was only able to run two steps, before it was captured by Huang Yue Li and carried back.

“Enough! I had said in the last night’s dinner, why there always were suspicious toothprints! Turns out that each and every drumstick was tasted by you, little thief?”


The little boy shrunk back his head, realising that he had said too much.

But soon, he confidently said: “Well, the last time I spit fire for you, you clearly promised me meat for every meal. Do you want to go back on your word?

“I said I would let you eat meat, but I did not let you steal food!”

His head crooked, he arrogantly said: “So what? This little lord eating your chicken, is giving you face! If not because your chef has barely passable skills, this little lord would not eat at all!”

“Oh, so you were giving me face…..”

“So what!”

Huang Yue Li faintly smile and said: “No wonder strict education should be given to children. Can’t be too spoiled. It seems that I have no experience.”

The little boy looked up and found the female devil’s smile a bit sinister. He felt danger.

He took a step back, “You….what do you to do? I warn you….”

Not waiting for him to finish, Huang Yue Li picked from him and faced him down. Ass up, she put him on her thigh.

In the face of one of her strikes, the small boy’s face to whitened. Immediately he started to cry wolf.

“Save me ah! The female devil is beating people! Wuu wuu wuu, bullying me a little phoenix who has no father, no mother, no elder brother! Your heart is too evil!

Well then, hit me, kill me. But if you do, no one will be able to tell you how to open that box!”

As he was crying, he twisted his neck back to see Huang Yue Li’s expression.

Naturally Huang Yue Li noticed his gaze, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

The way this child was acting, it was like she really had the intention to kill him.

Don’t be fooled by his mournful cries. In actuality, there were no tears in his eyes. Furthermore, she had yet to touch his butt. Wasn’t he too enthusiastic?

However, when she heard him mention the box, she released him.

“Do you know what the box is?”

Huang Yue Li did not think that her knowledge regarding armaments would be worse than others. It can only be said that the thing within that box was not ordinary.

Although one could not see it, but the little phoenix after all was a sacred beast. Although it was a little unreliable, its knowledge was certainly higher than hers. Maybe it could really tell her what the box was.

The little phoenix rolled his eyes and said: “Hehe, this thing……”

By Huang Yue Li’s analysis, she guessed that this little arrogant child wanted to strike another pretentious pose.

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She immediately interrupted him, “Little Wang Cai, elder sister must remind you, this elder sister has yet to settle debts from yesterday. You must be careful on how you speak today!

“Yesterday, what happened yesterday?” The little Phoenix did not understand.

Huang Yue Li smilingly said: “Little brat. You are elder sister’s contracted spirit ah. Why do you not appear last night, even after numerous calls from me?”

Last night, when the master of Thousand Treasure Pavilion appeared, Huang Yue Li had attempted to call out the little phoenix. A single spray of True Phoenix Fire, even if it didn’t kill that man, it would have told him to scram immediately!

She did not expect that this little brat at the critical moment was so unreliable. No matter how she called him, he did not react. She suspected he had gone to steal more food again!

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Chapter 77