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Huang Yue Li stared into her eyes, saying: “Is that so? Try again?

She used her Piercing Sky Eye technique, lightly influencing Cai Wei’s subconsciousness.

Cai Wei’s pupils suddenly blurred up.

But after a while, she shook her head, “Third Young Miss, this servant really has no memory!”

Huang Yue Li knew she did not lie. Waving her hand and said: “Okay then, I know. Go rest.”

After Cai Wei left, Huang Yue Li eyes closed for a while to think. She then went to the yard.

The back courtyard no longer had its dilapidated appearance. Ever since the large recruitment of servants, the yard underwent a transformation. Not only were the designs from Huang Yue Li’s, but many beautiful flowers and plants were planted.

As the maidservants saw Huang Yue Li walk out, they paid their respects to her.

“Greetings to Third Young Miss!”

“Paying respects to the Third Young Miss!”

Huang Yue Li called a few servants over, pointing to a rock garden in the northeast: “The few of you, go destroy that rock garden for me!”


They looked at each other, thinking they misheard.

That rock garden had existed for quite some time in the back courtyard. It could be considered one of the main features. Just smashing it like that?

Huang Yue Li repeated: “You did not mishear. Go destroy that. It has been some time since I passed the cultivation technique to you. Seeing that you have trained well, yielding good results, yet you can’t even smash a rock garden?”

“This servant dares not. Please wait a bit Third Young Miss, we will go immediately!”

The Third Young Miss taught them precious cultivation techniques, this kindness was too great. It was equivalent to giving them a new life.

As a result, all the servants treated Huang Yue Li as their god. Swearing their eternal loyalties to her, not daring to disobey her.

Before long, the small pond sized rock garden became a pile of gravel.

The servant came back to report: “Third Young Miss, this servant has finished. Which master landscaper do you wish to invite to redesign it?”

Huang Yue Li shook her head, “No need. Go smash that too!”

The next person looked back and found that the Third Young Miss was referring to the West Wing’s corridor! This corridor was attached to the entire building. Smashing that section, will cause that overall image to be destroyed. It would look no different from a construction site.

Was the Third Young Miss crazy?

However, Huang Yue Li’s attitude was resolute. Everyone listened to her orders, and went to smash the corridor.

“Go fill up this water hole for me…..”

“Remove that tree for me…”

Huang Yue Li spent the entire morning ordering the group of servants. The entire back courtyard ended up being destroyed. The scene was similar to the aftermath of a cyclone blowing through.

The servants originally thought that the Third Miss wished to renovate the yard. But she had destroyed so much and without any sense or pattern. It was like she was venting her anger.

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She couldn’t have been provoked by someone?

Cai Wei had run out to stop her, but did not succeed. She had been frightened to death thinking that something that gone wrong with her family’s Miss’ brain.

Huang Yue Li ignored their ignorant gazes. Standing in the center of the ruins, she looked up at the sun’s position. Her slender jade finger pointed up, eyes squinting, she quickly began to calculate.

Just after her rebirth, she sensed the courtyard’s peculiarities. Although the appearance was very appealing, it was built very specially. It secretly aligned with the attributes of heaven and earth.

The buildings around the courtyard, coincidentally formed a hidden array.

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Chapter 74