Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 72

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Chapter 72 – Depends on your behaviour

The man stared into her eyes, solemnly saying: “Then this Lord will accompany you for the rest of your life to earn money!”

When he spoke, his mouth also held a tempting smile. The sound of an alluringly sexy voice, temptation clearly felt. It seemed……like something he casually said to coax the little girl in front of him.

But under his masked face, there was no doubt of his conviction.

However, Huang Yue Li could not see his face.

Even if she could see his face, Huang Yue Li would have never imagined the result. That this man would really accompany her to dig up every possible money source, earning money till it overflowed every pot and basin, walking by her side all the way to the peak.

Thus, Huang Yue Li only took the man’s words as a joke and didn’t put it in her heart.

She stared at the man for a moment, crying out: “Dream on! You want to continue working with me? Not so easy! The products that I produce at all top of the line and will only improve in quality! I have no worries in finding other business partners! You still wish to cooperate with me next time? I must first see your performance!”

Chuckling, his eyes wantonly travelled from her small face, slowing sweeping down to her white slender neck.

“I won’t let you down, you can rest assured.”

“That’s good then. Seven days later, I await to see your performance.”

Huang Yue Li raised her eyes and said: “Well, since you’re finished, can you can go?”

Stunned for a moment, the man smiled and shook his head.

Why was it in this small fox eyes, he appeared so annoying? How many high-born and proud young ladies held secret longing for him? All trying every single means to become close with him?

But this little fox completely ignores him. She also couldn’t wait to drive him away!

However, what was even more strange was that he didn’t feel displeased. In fact, it made him eager to see her, to approach her….

“Why are you so anxious to drive me away? Destroying the bridge after crossing it, do you need to show it so blatantly?”

Huang Yue Li blinked her eyes, innocently smiling: “Lord Owner, what are your words? I want to give you a little more time, to properly prepare for the auction. So if influential buyers do not show up, you would not lose face!”

Secretly he smiled. How much did this little girl look down on people?

Isn’t she just a Third Rank Armament Master? If no one were to buy her products, he was more than willingly to spend money for her.

But he couldn’t disregard the fact, this little girl’s refined armaments held outstanding quality. It would definitely sell for high prices.

Laughingly, he looked into the girl’s eyes. His heart moving, he unknowingly closed their distance by a bit.

As Huang Yue Li had her guard up against him, when he neared her, she hurriedly stepped back.

The approaching hand, when it reached out in an attempt to brush her cheek, instead it only met with empty air.

Embarrassed, the man stood up, “Okay then. This Lord will first leave. Seven days later, remember to personally come to the auction. In case you say that this Lord had cheated you of your money!”

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“Of course I must come to watch! I do not believe you!” Huang Yue Li stated naturally.

Looking at her: “Then this Lord will leave.”

“Hurry up and leave! Could it be you want me to send you off?”

The man heard her words. Walking past her, the man reached out his hand and pulled her into his embrace.

As fast lightning, he lightly pecked Huang Yue Li’s soft cheek. Immediately afterwards, he smiled widely: “No need to send me off little girl!”

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Chapter 72