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He gently shook his while displaying a helpless expression: “Why so impatient? I only drank one mouthful of water. I still haven’t eaten anything yet……”

If looks could kill, the man would have long been cut like tofu from Huang Yue Li’s glares.

Receiving something good, he opened his mouth: “But, since you want to know this badly, this Lord will tell you.

“Hurry up and speak!”

The man said: “You are very lucky. In seven days times, it will be the annual Thousand Treasure Pavilion Auction. It is the largest event in South Yue. And your items will be the final presentation for the event.”

Thoughtfully, Huang Yue Li asked: “Annual auction?”

“Yes.” Said the man, “There will be a lot of rare treasures on sale. Whether it’s heavenly treasures or natural artifacts, and immortal pills or profound armaments, they will all be available. Numerous forces from neighbouring powers will arrive to participate in the auction.”

With a look of distrust, Huang Yue Li asked: “You are certain that big clients will be present? In the case that no one recognises the items value, then wouldn’t my armaments be worthless?” In regards to events such as auctions, Huang Yue Li was much too familiar.

As a Ninth Tier Armament Master in her past life, many of Huang Yue Li’s works were auctioned off at astronomical prices.

As a result, she was too aware of how things worked.

The prices of items depended on the value of the item itself. But that value could rise and decrease exponentially with different marketing methods. With correct methods, they would definitely sell for much higher prices!

Therefore, for an Armament Master, it was essential that they chose the correct auction house to cooperate with.

Reaching out, the man tapped her small nose. Smilingly he responded to her: “What are you worried about? Rest assured, with this Lord present, you little money grubber will definitely earn your fill! Besides, refining those things are effortless with your ability. Is there a need for you to be so focused on the prices of those little things?”

“What do you understand?” Huang Yue Li rolled her eyes at him.

The”Nine Phoenix Transformations”, this kind of heaven opposing technique required enormous resources. With the increase of each level in cultivation, the resources and spirit stones needed multiplied in the tens and hundreds of ranges.

Even if it was her past life, with such wealth sitting under her, she would still feel cold sweat on her back. Especially at the face of such an exorbitant demand.

This was simply burning money!

Can someone really gather enough materials and spirit stones and practice to the ninth transformation? Even the most wealthy man in the Soaring Heavens Continent, Ancestor Profound Ash Blade would be unable to finance that!

Worthy of being the best cultivation manual of a Great God Clan ah….

So in order to practice “Nine Phoenix Transformations”, she could not miss out on any money earning opportunity. She would try to plunder all available resources.

Due to this, she couldn’t even let off the Wu Wei Manor guards.

After all, even the smallest mosquitoes had meat……..

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The man was oblivious to the calculations within her heart. But when he looked at her slightly raised chin, he felt that she looked really cute.

As he watched that arrogantly proud woman, with a little fox mind and a naturally intelligent personality, he could not pull his eyes away from her.

Even his tone carried much spoiling within.

“Good, good, good. In any case, if you want money this Lord will accomplish it to the end. I guarantee to help earn enough money.”

“Your words hold true?” Huang Yue Li smiled deviously, looking at him, “The amount that I need, is very, very large…a lot of money. Perhaps, you wouldn’t even be able to earn that much in your lifetime.”

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Chapter 71