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Retracting his hand, the man smiled at Huang Yue Li, “The tea is hot now.”

Unable to say anything, Huang Yue Li could only pour out a cup of tea. Once done, she pushed the cup towards him.

“For you, to drink!” She said in an ill tone.

He didn’t take up the cup. Raising his eyebrows, he questioned: “What? This is the attitude that you give to guests? Speaking in such a rude tone, to outsiders it would seemed like you have some sort of grudge with this Lord!”

Eating so many benefits from her, how would she not a grudge?

Rolling her eyes are him, Huang Yue Li saw the the frivolous curve on his face. She couldn’t help but want to give him a big slap!

But the man saw through her intentions, his gaze carrying traces of ridicule. Though his body was relaxed, his spirit encompassed the entire room. Every single detail and movement of Huang Yue Li’s would not be able to escape his notice.

Biting her teeth, Huang Yue Li told herself to be level headed.

Looking straight at the man, she said in a unhappy voice: “Lord Owner, please drink the tea!”

The man still did not move.

Huang Yue Li was further angered and asked: “What is the matter now?”

“Inviting someone to drink tea, shouldn’t you use both your hands and hand the teacup to them? Pushing and shoving the tea like this, isn’t that too rude? And you are esteemed young lady from the Manor!”

Huang Yue Li smirked, “Is that so? My apologies, I did that incorrectly. Let me try again.”

As she spoke, her hand went to pick up the teacup. But as she neared the man’s face, she splashed the tea out towards his face!

Though the man was momentarily mesmerized by Huang Yue Li’s smile, he still reacted when she moved.

Just as Huang Yue Li’s hand began to tilt, her wrist was securely caught.

The slender jade hand with a strong as steel-like grip enveloped her tender hands. Firmly trapping them.

Huang Yue Li wished to retracted her hands. But even after several rounds of struggling, she was unable to move an inch.

Amused, the man continued to exert pressure. Bit by bit, little by little he pulled her hand and the teacup closer towards him.

Under the hateful gaze of Huang Yue Li’s, the teacup and her hand arrived at his mouth. Lightly, he took a sip of tea.

Purposely or accidentally, his lip brushed with Huang Yue Li’s fingers. His tongue gently slide over, leaving a faint damp feeling.

“The taste isn’t bad.” The man couldn’t help but smile.


As soon as her hand was free, Huang Yue Li vigorously wiped her hand on her clothes.

He smirked: “What’s the matter? Was the tea too hot and burned Third Young Miss’ hand? Let this Lord see it? This Lord has some ointment for burns, how about applying some?”

Hearing his words become more and more excessive, Huang Yue Li’s patience ran out. With a loud ‘bang’ she slammed the cup onto the table.

“Okay, you have already drunk tea. You have also put up the necessary airs, what information do you need to pass on?”

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Seeing her exasperated manner, he smiled secretly.

But he knew that this little girl’s methods were many. As fun as provoking this little fox may be, she was only holding back due to some apprehensions.

If he really pushed her to her limits, forcing her hands, perhaps he would suffer a bit.

More importantly, the purpose of his visit was to provoke his future Imperial Consort a bit.

So, it should be about time he stopped. It was enough.

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Chapter 70