Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 69

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But in the ears of Huang Yue Li, those words became the opposite of their original meaning.

After eating her tofu, must this man use such a disliking tone to state she did not catch his interest!

Good. Very good. Extremely good!

Standing up, her finger pointed towards the door. With a smile that wasn’t quite a smile, she said: “Since it is like this, why did you come? My back courtyard is very lacking and poor. I expect that it also won’t amount to much in your eyes?”

Raising her chin, her tone was frosty while her eyes burned with anger. But it was because of this that astonished people.

Staring into that pair of brilliantly coloured eyes, the man felt bewitched by them.

He constantly felt that gaze was oh so familiar. Like he had been bewitched by those eyes, many years ago. Lost by her crafty and enticing smile.

Henceforth, he yearned it even in his dreams.

Even crossing the jade bridge of the yellow river, he would not be able to escape……

But clearly his first meeting with this girl was only a couple days ago.

As the the man was distracted, his gaze towards Huang Yue Li turned even more profound.

On the other hand, Huang Yue Li became further enraged by his staring.

What was hidden within that lecherous gaze? Seeing this man’s posing, could he really be a bit of a pervert? ?

After quite some time did the man regain himself. His eyes travelling over her taut face, his mouth hooked.

“It seems that you are really unwelcoming of this Lord?”

Huang Yue Li chuckled in response, “If the Lord Owner did not burst into my room during the night, humming and speaking unintelligent drivels, I would be quite welcoming.”

Lazily, he replied: “How can you blame this Lord? It is you who does not the proper etiquette of treating guests. It has been quite some time since this Lord arrived, yet you have yet to even pour a single cup of tea. How do you expect this Lord to inform you of the news?”

Huang Yue Li said: “That is simple. Cai Wei…..”

Raising her voice, she wished to ask Cai Wei to go brew a pot of tea.

Before the words could leave her lips, a warm and white as jade finger landed on her lips, silencing them.

Leaning forward, the man closed in and smirked: “Why are you calling the maid? This Lord…..wants to drink tea you brewed.”

The dominating smell of a man assaulted her nose. His clear lips where in such proximity of her face, that a single incline of his face and they would kiss.

Instantly, Huang Yue Li cheeks were dyed red. Her breathing irregular.

Slapping the man’s hands away: “Brewing tea the is fine, why was there is need for you to move your hands? But I must tell you, I only have cold water here. If you want to drink tea, you can only drink cold tea.”

If not for the fact that she still needed to rely on him to increase her cultivation, she…endured!

But this debt she will remember. Sooner or later she will return it to him!

Watching her fake composure, he already guessed his thoughts.

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But he had nothing to worry about. This little fox was destined to never leave his palms.

If in the future they are together and this little wanted to stretch her claws from boredom, he wouldn’t mind playing with her. Making his Imperial Consort smile was worthwhile.

Following Huang Yue Li’s hand movements, he leaned back to say: “Is there a problem?”

Eyes twinkling, the slender and boney hands landed on the the teapot lid. Soon after, hot steam began to rise from the spout.

It was clear to see that the water within had turned into boiling water.

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Chapter 69