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Unfortunately in the eyes of Huang Yue Li, apart from annoyance, there was only annoyance!

No matter how dignified his words may sound, the fact still remained. He had trespassed into her bedroom during the middle of the night. It painted a picture of a suspicious and scandalous scene.

If she were to swap with her previous self, that girl would have long started to cry for her mother infront of such a lecher. Teaching her why flowers were so red!

But now that the tiger was out and but with no resistance possibility, she could only pretend to comply.

With that man’s cultivation, it enabled him to walked horizontally in South Yue. Any kind of beauty that he wished for, he would be able to obtain.

But her current appearance, really couldn’t be counted as any beauty.

Unless this man’s tastes were that special, liking the young ones. Otherwise…..……he was just bored and wanted to play with her.

With great difficulty, Huang Yue Li suppressed her anger and said in a level voice: “Since it is like this, I ask the Lord Owner to say your important news. There is no need to dally any longer, you have met the person you wanted. Your days are filled with work, so I will not waste anymore of your precious time!”

The man grinned: “No rush. How can you say that you are wasting my time? This is what this Lord wants.”

His grin was unrestrained and fully presented his kingly charisma for all to see. Only those at the very top with were gifted with such an aura!

Instantly the temperature within the room plummeted. That icy coldness was stifling like an innate essence, infiltrating every corner of the room.

Though his face was covered by a mask, Huang Yue Li was still able to sense his scrutinising gaze. Steadily, his gaze travelled from the top of her head to the bottom of her feet.

It was like…..she had become of his possessions in his grasp.

While Huang Yue Li revealed a smiling expression, she was secretly cursing the man inside her heart: “Lord Owner you are too polite. But currently I am ready to rest….”

The man’s profound gaze wavered a bit, this was unexpected.

The reason why he did not withdraw his pressure was in hopes of scaring this girl. That would allow her to realise the the gap in her abilities and make her attitude soften.

With his cultivation and status, how many powerful experts could withstand his pressure. Each one of them, when faced with his gaze could only bow down their heads.

Yet this girl seemed to wholly unaffected…..

As the man’s gaze landed on the bed behind her, his smile turned somewhat ambiguous: “Resting so early? How about this Lord rests with you on the bed and we’ll talk in the morning?”

Huang Yue Li’s expression finally cracked!

“Lord Owner, honest people do not say obscured words. Why do you need to play with me? Why don’t you state your aim openly! Afterall, I am a cultivation trash and have no way to reject you!”

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His smile becoming mysterious, the man stood up with ease. Releasing his grip on her hands, he strode a table beside the bed and sat down.

“Little girl, I think you have misunderstood this Lord. Going by your words, it seems you think that this Lord wants to do something to you?”

“You do not?” She glanced at him.

His slender fingers on his jaw, the man replied in a somewhat languid one: “This Lord also has beauty standards. Not just any woman can catch this Lord’s interest…”

That is why he chose this hard to take care of little fox.

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Chapter 68