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A warm body suddenly appeared on top of her body, filled with dominating strength. The suffocating pressure nearly caused Huang Yue Li to be unable to breathe.

The hot air engulfed her, while warm fingers went straight to her neck. Straight afterwards, they captured her chin and forced her to look up.

Because Huang Yue Li was thrown on to the bed, it took her a moment to regain herself. When she did, another needle flew out with a flick of her fingers.

The body of the man pressing her down shifted and dodged the incoming needle.

Taking the chance, Huang Yue Li’s ten fingers were like lightning as they lashed out!

As fast as she was, the man moved even faster.

Moving easily to the side, he effortlessly avoided Huang Yue Li’s attack. Grabbing onto her wrists, he lightly smiled: “You attacks are so deadly. If my cultivation was a bit poor, then I would have been injured by you!”

That voice was a sexy and husky sound, and sounded very familiar.

Stunned, Huang Yue Li raised her head to look at him.

With the moonlight peeking in from the open window, the man’s perfectly chiseled jawlines was revealed, not a single flaw to be seen. The silver mask on his face reflected the cold moonlight. This caused others to be unable to look at him clearly.

“It’s you?” Huang Yue Li’s brows knitted together.

Pointing out a finger, he shook it.

‘Pu’ it lightly sounded.

A small flame shoot towards the oil lamp on the table. Instantly lighting up the room.

The man’s masked face also became much clearer.

Was he reclined to the side the side of bed, his golden robes had opened slightly. This revealed a small amount of his jade skin chest, chiseled and enticing.

Huang Yue Li’s gaze landed on his body. However, her expression did not change in the slightest. She said in a detached voice: “Lord Owner, this is my room. It doesn’t seem to be a place where you should appear?”

“Young Miss Bai’s indifference really breaks my heart! This Lord had rushed here to personally inform you of the auction’s news. I did not think………not only would you not welcome this Lord, you also used such vicious techniques…..”

Due to Huang Yue Li’s abundant experiences, her expression did not change. On the contrary, it was the man’s expression that became exceptionally terrible looking!

His words carried such a coquettish tone and easily inverted black into white.

It was clearly the man’s fault for trespassing into a young lady’s room during the night. Not matter how you looked at it, she was performing justable self-defense. How did it become her fault?

Furthermore, while the man spoke his hands firmly tied down Huang Yue Li’s wrists. His fingers were also freely rubbing her tender palms.

This move was one that invoked deep and tender emotion, causing a her to feel an itch within her. Though she wanted to resist, the disparity between their power did not allow her to.

(Z: As Captain Jack Sparrow says, it’s the uncontrollable itch~)

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Narrowing her eyes, she opened her mouth.

“Lord Owner, the small task of passing on auction information can be left to one of the auction hands. I really do dare to trouble you Lord!”

“Third Young Miss is too courteous. Afterall, you are a Third Rank Armament Master. This must be treated much care, especially since it involves our Thousand Treasure Pavilion’s business! The basic courtesy we can give is for this Lord to personally come. You do not need to feel embarrassed.”

As the man smiled, his lips distinctly went upwards.

Even though you could not see his entire face, that small enticing action would cause any girl to shriek out.

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Chapter 67