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Just moments after Huang Yue Li left, Bai Liu Jing whipped his body around. With a loud ‘pa’, he gave Bai Ruo Qi a slap.

“Father! You…..”

Clutching her cheek, Bai Ruo Qi could not react.

She was the most favoured daughter of Bai Liu Jing. She had never been hit by him before.

Who would have imagined that Bai Liu Jing would take his anger on her. Furthermore, he did not offer an explanation before landing that slap.

Bai Liu Jing was immensely angered by Huang Yue Li, but had no method to release it. When he turned around and saw that pig-headed daughter of his, he slapped her in a fit of anger.

In the past, the more he saw the more he liked her. But now, just looking at her made him disgusted.

“It’s all because of you! If it weren’t because of your loose mouth with Yan’er, how would she be able to alert that damn girl of the key? Now that she become this powerful should all be because of Elder Brother’s inheritance!”

Even in his dreams, Bai Liu Jing dreamed of obtaining those treasures. He had been stuck in the Ninth Level of the Defensive Profound Realm for many years already. He was hoping to find a pill within those treasures and hopefully be promoted to the Spirit Profound Realm!

With that increase, he would become on the of the powerhouses in South Yue. He would no longer need to spend his days in fear over the happiness and moods of the Emperor.

He didn’t expect that Bai Ruo Qi would leak the news out. Halting his grand plans!

Not to mention how many properties and treasures Huang Yue Li had asked him to return! Such heavy losses!

If it weren’t for the fact that Bai Ruo Qi could not reconcile with Huang Yue Li, how could be possibly be blackmailed by that girl?

Prostrating tearfully, Bai Ruo Qi said: “Father, this truly was not daughter’s fault. It was all due to Fourth Sister’s loose tongue, she definitely heard of the conversation between mother and I! It’s all her fault!”

The burning flames of anger, burned even more ferociously within Bai Ruo Qi’s heart!

It’s all because of Bai Ruo Li, that cheap slut!

She was clearly a wastrel, yet beat her to such an ugly appearance! She also dreamed of becoming the Crown Prince’s Imperial Consort!

If Bai Ruo Li were to end up in her hands, she would suffer a fate worse than death!

At the Manor entrance

Bai Ruo Yan was currently in the midst of an argument with the Manor Madam’s confidante, Mama Liu.

“Move aside for me! I want to see my father! I don’t believe that my father would drive me away from the Manor! There is definitely someone working from the shadows. Let me see my father, so I can explain everything to him!”

Putting in a false smile, Mama Liu said: “Fourth Young Miss, the Master already said he no longer wants to see you again. Why don’t you obediently go to the farmstead and not lose anymore face for the Manor!”

“Not possible! How can my father not want to see me? Then I want to see Second Sister! Second Sister will definitely help me!”

Just was Huang Yue Li was leaving, she happened to see the exchange between to the two parties. Watching this, she smiled from amusement.

Looking at her blankly, it took Bai Ruo Yan sometime before she recognised that person.

Soon afterwards, she stormed over. In a fit of anger, she raised her hand and slapped towards Huang Yue Li!

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“Little slut! It’s all your fault! What demonic technique did you use on me, making me act like that? Now you are pleased? I’ll beat you to death!”

With a light move her foot, she kicked a stone right under Bai Ruo Yan’s foot.

Stepping on the stone, Bai Ruo Yan lost her equilibrium and fell heavily onto the floor.

Furthermore, she landed in a sprawled position!

Giggling, Huang Yue Li said: “Ai, Fourth Younger Sister I know that you feel very grateful towards me. But there is no need for you to go to such lengths to express this. You make your elder sister embarrassed to accept it!”

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Chapter 65