Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 64

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She no longer wanted to waste anymore time in the manor filled with evil-hearted people. Placing the teacup down, she stood up.

“Second Uncle, the time is no longer early so I will first return! But I still have a task to trouble you with.”

Finishing, Huang Yue Li took out a piece of paper that was filled with small words.

Knitting his eyebrows together, Bai Liu Jing asked: “What is this?”

Pronouncing each word clearly, Huang Yue Li replied: “This is list of my father’s private properties and items in my mother’s dowry. I will trouble Second Uncle to look over it.”

“What is your intention?” Bai Liu Jing’s facial expression shifted.

Smilingly, Huang Yue Li said: “Second Uncle, since I was young in age, I asked you to look after the estates and properties that my mother and father left behind for me. But my heart would not me feel to feel at peace. How can I continue to trouble you? Now that I am older, if I were to allow Second Uncle to work hard like this, people will say that I am unfilial!”


He did not expect that today’s visit of Huang Yue Li was for this. She even prepared a written list, waiting to meet him!

He was leading a wolf into the home!

Though her words were nice to listen to. The sarcasm that mocked him for bullying his niece due to her young age to possess her property was heard very clearly.

If he was not willingly to return it, was she prepared to cause a large fuss?

With great difficulty, Bai Liu Jing steadied his emotions and said: “Li’er ah, your intention, Second Uncle understands. But this is not something that can be done in one or two days. I must take time to calculate everything clearly and accurately before handing everything back to you. What do you say?”

Very quickly he decided to stall for time. He will first stabilise his position with this girl, before slowly refuse to admit anything.

Afterall, she was just a girl who had yet to experience society. The management of the properties was not an easy task, she would understand anything. When the time came, he would transfer all the money away and send her an empty statement. She wouldn’t be able to find a way out!

Huang Yue Li long expected he would say this. Smiling, she didn’t refute his words.

“Since it’s like this, then do not worry about any changes. I ask that Second Uncle send a compiled list of all the properties to my back courtyard within three days.”

“This…..don’t be so hasty. The storehouse needs to make in inventory of all the treasures and the like…”

Smiling: “Second Uncle, I forgot to tell you. The items listed on the list were all bestowed by the Royal Palace. If the Empress were to ask me of the those bestowed items when I enter the Royal Palace in a few days, I would be committing a grave sin if any were to be missing! Second Uncle, you wouldn’t dig such a pit for me?”

Bai Liu Jing was stunned for quite awhile.

Forcibly possessing items bestowed by the Palace would definitely result in conviction from the Emperor. He could only return that portion to her.

But the things that Bai Liu Feng left behind, how was he to know which ones were Palace bestowed and which wasn’t? Didn’t he still have rely on Huang Yue Li’s word?

If she said they all were, he wouldn’t be able to tell the difference!

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But what if the few items he did not return were the bestowed items, wouldn’t he be leaving a handle for her to grab onto?

And coincidentally, all the things that Huang Yue Li listed were priceless and invaluable. Forcing him to give them up so easily, really made him want to spit blood! The pain was equivalent to slicing his flesh away!

Bai Liu Jing forced out a smile: “Okay, Second Uncle will do his best to sort things out and send it over for you!”

“I shall give my thanks first Second Uncle!”

Completing her objective, Huang Yue Li waved her hands and walked out. She ignored Bai Liu Jing’s fiery gaze.

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Chapter 64