Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 63

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Ignoring Bai Ruo Qi’s murderous gaze, Huang Yue Li turned her attention back to Bai Liu Jing.

“Look at that Second Uncle. Did I not say that the matter of Second Sister being hit is not related to me in any way? She has admitted it herself, so there should not be any more problems with me?”

What more could Bai Liu Jing say?

He knew that Huang Yue Li was aware of the key, and was afraid of alerting her of anything more. As a result, he could only continue to act oblivious and hope to gloss over the leak that Bai Ruo Qi made.

“Li’er ah, this was Second Uncle’s fault. But you secretly meeting with men outside is not correct. You are still a conferred Region Princess. If news of this were to spread out, even the Emperor himself would lose face! Worst case, he might strip you of your title!”

Huang Yue Li’s thought this was laughable, lips curving.

Want to use the Emperor to scare her? This Second Uncle of hers is really short sighted.

In her previous life, even the Lord of the South Sky Region would treat her with extreme deference. Say nothing of a measly South Yue, who was but a tiny country in the South Sky Region?

This so-called Emperor, she did not put him her eyes.

Purposefully she smiled: “Many thanks for Second Uncle’s reminder! Since you are not searching for anything, there is no need for me to move! The Manor’s Back Courtyard is where I grew up. If I were to move and unable to accustom myself, I might might say the wrong things. There is also the possibility I might secretly come back. If this were to be misunderstood by others that Second Uncle was treating me badly, how bad that would be!”

Hearing those words, Bai Liu Jing’s face turned steaming red from anger!

This damn girl really was not the same!

If it were the previous her, she would have long been scared speechless and obediently complied.

But now, she clearly saw through all his motives and was evidently threatening him.

If he were to forcibly drive her away, this girl would go around spreading malicious rumors. Ruining the name of the Manor.

And if those rumors were to reach the Emperor’s ears…..

Biting his teeth, Bai Liu Jing replied: “Good! You are old now and your wings have hardened. Your Second Uncle can no longer control you! Since you do not want to take shelter from the wind, you cannot blame your Second Uncle if you cannot be married off!”

“Then I won’t trouble Second Uncle for his worry. Afterall, I am someone who has a verbal engagement with the Crown Prince. Who knows, I may wed into the Royal Family and become the Crown Prince’s Imperial Consort?” Huang Yue Li lightly replied.

Just as she finished her words, Bai Ruo Qi uncontrollably cried out.

“You sure dream well! On what basis………want to become the Crown Prince’s Imperial Consort?”

Calmly, Huang Yue Li answered her: “Why can’t I? My father was a famous and the strongest person in South Yue. While I am a Region Princess whose title was personally conferred by the Emperor! Even when I was young, the Emperor mentioned marriage between the Crown Prince and I! If I cannot become the Crown Prince’s Imperial Consort, who can? Could it be you, Second Sister?”

“You! Don’t always think about the past! The current master of Valiant Martial Manor is my father! Also, do you think that the Emperor will allow the Crown Prince to choose someone whose is a cultivation trash as his Imperial Consort? The Crown Prince is a mighty Fifth Grade Talent, who would definitely need to choose a female of similar talent as he is to match him. A trash like you…….don’t think about soaring your entire life!”

“Looks like Second Sister has some intention towards the position of Imperial Consort……..determined to win!”

“Oh, of course! Apart from me, who else can match with the Crown Prince?”

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“Qi’er!” Interrupting them, the Manor Madam cried out, “Don’t speak anymore!”

Startled, Bai Ruo Qi finally reacted. Under the provocation of Huang Yue Li, she had said all the things which had kept secretly within her!

If those were words were to be heard by those within the Royal Palace, it would be great disrespect!

Hastily she shut her mouth. Clamping down hard, she glared hatefully at Huang Yue Li.

Presently, Huang Yue Li confirmed the motive behind this mother-daughter pair’s accusation of her of illicit relationship. It was all due to the position of Imperial Consort.

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Chapter 63