Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 61

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Hearing those words, Bai Liu Jing suddenly recalled something.

Bai Ruo Qi constantly claimed that Huang Yue Li used demonics techniques to defeat her. Obviously, that was impossible.

The more likely probability was she had used some high levelled Profound Skill.

But how could this girl possess such a precious thing? It was definitely something left behind by Bai Liu Feng!

Ever since the disappearance of Bai Liu Feng, Bai Liu Jing had interrogated Bai Ruo Li numerous times. He wished to find all the pills and Armaments left behind by Bai Liu Feng, but failed to find any clues.

It didn’t seem like Bai Ruo Li had lied to him. Her personality was cowardly and weak, so Bai Liu Jing could only give up.

But it was different now. The reasons why this girl could become this strong and courageous could possibly be………she found Bai Liu Feng’s legacy?

Coming to this conclusion, Bai Liu Jing’s gaze changed.

If she really had the things left behind by Bai Liu Feng within her grasp, he must obtain them at any cost!

He must make this his priority, taking advantage of the current situation. He must first drive her away from the back courtyard and then slowly search around. One by one, he will uncover all the things left behind by Bai Liu Feng!

Putting on a bemoaning expression, he sighed out: “Ai Qi’er, what you say is correct! My elder brother left too early…..the pitiful Li’er. She lost her mother and father at such a young age…”

As he spoke, his eyes seemed to be on the verge of dropping tears.

After a while, he wiped his tears away: “Li’er ah, recently you…it would be best for you to accompany your Fourth Sister and move to the farmstead for a while!”

“Eh?” With a smile that was not quite a smile, Huang Yue Li gazed at him.

For some odd reason, when Bai Liu Jing felt that penetratingly profound gaze sweep over him, his heart palpitated.

His heart shivering was unexpected.

This girl was clearly someone who could not cultivate, so why was her gaze this frightening. It was like a gaze of an powerful person, not allowing others to look at them directly…….

He must have made a mistake.

Composing himself, Bai Liu Jing continued to display his most amicable smile: “Li’er ah, do misunderstand. Second Uncle doesn’t have any intention of blaming you! It’s just the day that you were meeting with that man, there were just too many witnesses…..if rumors were to spread, you will no longer be able to maintain your integrity anymore. Second Uncle is doing this for your own good. Stay in the farmstead for a while and wait for the heat to die down before coming back!”

Smiling, Huang Yue Li replied: “Is that so? However people say that only girls who committed mistakes would be sent to the farmstead. Second Uncle……could it be that you dislike your niece of yours?”

Hastily Bai Liu Jing smiled: “How can that be? Li’er, you over-thought this!”

Though his words his said this, he thought differently. What he more than anything was to get rid of this girl as soon as possible.

But now this girl had become smarter, so he could not do things like he used to. To prevent her from speaking carelessly, he could only reply on good words and compliments to cheat her away.

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The Manor Madam chimed in: “That’s right. Li’er, your Second Uncle is your closest relative. How could he harm you? Since you are young in age, you do not know of the full consequences this scandal can cause for a young girl like you! This is all for your future!”

Even Bai Ruo Qi spoke: “Third Sister, father and mother are with good intentions. Why do you not appreciate it?”

With the combined chanting of the three people, they earnestly tried to persuade Huang Yue Li. If she were to reject their concern, she would be like scum, heart of a wolf and the lungs of a dog!

Holding the teacup, Huang Yue Li took a sip while watching the brilliant performance by the family of three.

Only after they finished their act, did she open her mouth.

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Chapter 61