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Listening from the side, Huang Yue Li wanted to applaud the mother-daughter pair!

Their cries and speeches were coordinated so very well. Every single sentence complimented each other perfectly, hitting straight at Bai Liu Jing’s vital points.

Bai Ruo Qi’s cries of injustice, not only did she highlight the fact that she wished eliminate the Third Young Miss, she also brought out Bai Ruo Yan’s affairs.

It really was killing two birds with one stone!

Bai Liu Jing always favoured the Fourth Young Miss’ birth mother over her maternal aunt. The Manor Madam had found quite unpleasing to the eye for quite some time. But Bai Ruo Yan possessed decent cultivation talent with a decent appearance. One could not be sure that she wouldn’t catch the Crown Prince’s eye, becoming a rival of Bai Ruo Qi’s

Taking the opportunity while the Manor Lord was angered, she brought that out. Not only would that give Bai Ruo Yan a bad outlook, it would also transfer onto her maternal aunt.

Tsk tsk, this was just too brilliant! This was a web of plans!

However, Huang Yue Li held no thoughts of stopping them.

It wasn’t like Bai Ruo Yan was innocent, not bullying her. She’ll let them pit against each other like dogs do.

They all deserved it!

It was expected that Bai Liu Jing was full enraged. Waving his head, he beckoned for the guards.

“Pass down my command, the Fourth Young Miss is forbidden to leave the grounds from now on! She is not allowed to reappear in public! Pass my words to Concubine Guo telling to properly discipline her daughter! If she cannot do this, then she and Bai Ruo Yan will no longer need to appear in front of me again!”

When those commands fell, a streak of disappoint flashed through Bai Ruo Qi’s eyes.

She thought that Bai Ruo Yan and Mother Guo would be driven from the Manor. She didn’t think they would only be confined…….

On the other hand, the Manor Madam did not show any reaction nor emotion. Instead she said: “Lord, calm your anger! This is all this concubine’s fault! Just recently rumors of the Third Girl regarding secret meetings with an outside man spread. And now, a few days, the Fourth Girl went around naked. This all because I, as their mother did not educate them well. Dragging down the Lord’s good name……”

The corners of Huang Yue Li’s curved.

This Second Aunt had good skills. On the surface she portrayed an appearance of self-criticism and blame, while inside she worried that Bai Liu Jing was not angered enough. She mentioned both topics again, while also pushing herself into the mix!

When those two embarrassing things were placed together, if Bai Liu Jing wasn’t furious then it would be strange!

As expected, Bai Liu Jing immediately changed his mind. He directly went and called for the leader and instructed: “Go send for people to prepare the carriage. Directly escort the Fourth Young Miss to the farmstead! Without my command, she is not to return!”

A ray of satisfaction passed through the Manor Madam’s eyes, but she quickly hid this.

Though she did not eliminate Concubine Guo, that little slut was sent away. This wasn’t bad!

(TLN: The different name calling of the Guo lady may be confusing readers. Yes the chinese characters used are the same for each person, but there is not real english name for yi niang-姨娘. Furthermore each person’s identity has different ways to refer the person by. The main concubine would not refer to the lower concubines. as mother nor would the daughters of other women as concubine. Confusing these title are…..-.-)

Turning head, she went to look at Huang Yue Li, “That Third Girl…..”

She specifically mentioned the rumors of Bai Ruo Li having secret meetings, was in hopes of driving her away. At least…she should be forbidden to leave the house.

At the feast where the Crown Princes chooses his Imperial Concubine, this Third Girl was the biggest obstacle and rival for Bai Ruo Qi. Afterall, she and the Crown Prince held a verbal agreement for their engagement since their youth.

This was especially concerning today, as she had changed completely. Such an elegant and refined temperament, even the simple raising of her hand portrayed someone of high birth.

This set of many alarms ringing within the Manor Madam’s heart.

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She would not allow this girl to be such a obstacle in her daughter’s fortuitous event!

But Bai Liu Jin was a bit hesitant: “This…..”

Without a doubt, he wanted to drive Huang Yue Li away. But when he thought of that girl’s previous threats, he became afraid of the consequences.

At that moment, Bai Ruo Qi became emotional again.

“Daddy, why don’t you forgive Third Younger Sister! The reason why she became like was due to her parents passing away at such a young age. Uncle was……Third Sister had no one to educate her, so she does not know where she made such a mistake! Despite the fact the she learnt evil tricks from god knows where and injured me, that was all because she cannot cultivate. She is already pitiful enough….”

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Chapter 60