Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 59

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Everytime the Empress Dowager wanted to meet with Huang Yue Li, Bai Liu Jing always used the excuse that Bai Ruo Li was not feeling well to evade her.

Using that excuse everytime led people to believe that she truly had poor health. Naturally they stopped looking for her.

Because Bai Ruo Li suffered so much under the hands of the Manor, it caused her to neglect the fact that she could enter the Royal Palace.

Due to this fact, Bai Liu Jing was deathly afraid if she wanted to enter the Royal Palace. Hearing this, his attitude immediately softened.

“This…Li’er ah, look at what you are saying….it’s like you are accusing your Second Uncle of mistreatment? Okay, okay, okay, it’s your Second Uncle’s fault for being hasty today. But you should not have injured your older cousin right? Furthermore, you used such heavy hands! You must at least give a proper explanation for all of this?”

Raising the teacup, Huang Yue Li took a small sip before responding: “Second Uncle, your words are amusing. Who doesn’t know I am complete trash at cultivating! Second Sister is at the Seventh Level of the Qi Profound Realm, how could I possibly injure her? Isn’t this too funny?”

Bai Liu Jing thought for a moment and realised this was the case.

He turned his gaze towards Bai Ruo Qi, and asked her in a doubtful tone: “Qi’er, what is going on?”

Bai Ruo Qi assumed that Huang Yue Li would receive a severe humiliation today. She did not think that a few words from her would impede Bai Liu Jing’s advance.

Unfortunately her mind worked fast and she quickly replied in a pitiful tone: “Daddy, don’t listen to her nonsense. Your daughter was hurt by her! I don’t know what demonic tricks she used. But before I knew what was happening, I was struck to the floor by her, unable to move! She definitely has learnt some demonic technique!”

“Demonic techniques?” Bai Liu Jing wrinkled his brows.

Of course he would believe his most beloved and pampered second daughter, but regarding demonic techniques, it sounded a bit unbelievable.

Never had he heard of a method that allowed trash to defeat an expert at the Seventh Level of the Qi Profound Realm!

Seeing that he did not believe, Bai Ruo Qi hastily added: “Daddy, what I said was the truth! Not only was I a victim to Bai Ruo Li, Fourth Sister was also abused by her!”

“Yan’er? What happened to her?”

“A few days ago Fourth Sister went to visit Third Sister, but she fell victim to her bewitching. She actually took off all her clothes and started to run around the wide street naked!”

“What did you say? !”

Bai Liu Jing was greatly surprised by that piece of news and stood up in alarm.

“What is going on? Explain it clearly for me!”

Cautiously and carefully, Bai Ruo Qi gave a few sides glances as she retold the rumors surrounding Bai Ruo Yan. She did not forget to add oil to the fire and exaggerate things.

“…..That day, there were many people at our Back Manor door. Pointing and criticising, they were speaking about Fourth Sister’s affairs……”

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The more Bai Liu Jing listened, the angrier he became.

“How can this be! That girl actually dared to do such an embarrassing things! No wonder the gazes of the other ministers were strange whenever I entered the Royal Court! Turns out they were laughing at me and my daughter who lacks upbringing!”

In a timely manner, Bai Ruo Qi continued to add: “Daddy, please quell your anger. Don’t let such things anger you! Precisely because Qi’er was afraid that this would anger you, so I did not dare to tell you. I wanted to secretly asked Third Sister about it, but who knew I would fall under her tricks…..”

Finishing, she made eye contact with the Second Madam.

Quick-witted the Manor Madam was. Wiping her tears away, she shuffled up to add: “Lord, my Qi’er truly lives a hard life! The Crown Prince will soon be choosing his Imperial Consort. If these things were to be leaked out, it would also implicate Qi’er!”

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Chapter 59