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Huang Yue Li’s gaze was icy cold.

These hypocritical relatives not only seized family property like a turtle-dove, they also forced Bai Ruo Li to death. These things ……you cannot forgive things like these!

Walking into the corridor that lead to the audience room, she could start to hear Bai Liu Jing’s voice from a distance.

“What is going on? They have left for already an hour, but they have still not brought the person back? They are only there to capture a good-for-nothing girl. Do they need that much time?”

The Manor Madam consoled in a soft voice: “Lord, do not blame the guards. It may be that the girl Bai Ruo Li refuses to come, delaying for time. You may not know this, but lately she has grown some courage. Not only does she dare to have secret relationships with others, she also dares to hit her own elder sister! I heard others say that even the fourth girl has been hit by her…”

“What? There was also this kind of thing? ? She is overturning the heavens!”

Bai Ruo Qi also sobbingly added: “Father, you must seek justice for your daughter. Your daughter was hit quite miserably by her ah! …….”

“Hehe…..” An extremely light sounding chuckled rang out cutting off her lamentations.

“Second Sister, what do you mean by that ah? Did I hit you? You must take responsibility for your words. When did I raise my hand to you?”

Everyone present in the reception hall turned their heads.

They all watched as a young girl dressed in a billowing white dress slowly walked in. Her movements were graceful and she carried a dignified and elegant charisma about her, like an immortal fairy who had cut herself off from the secular world. Cold yet noble.

Startled, Bai Liu Jing blurted: You are……”

For a moment, he couldn’t recognise who she was!

Huang Yue Li smilingly asked: “Second Uncle, you cannot recognise me after not meeting for a few days?”

“You are Bai Ruo Li? ? How can that be?” Bai Liu Jing cried out in surprise.

These years, under his deliberate suppression Bai Ruo Li had become a complete trash. So much that she could not even raise her head in public with dignity.

Everytime she left home, her head would be lowered to her chest, not daring to raise her voice. Even her clothes were not extravagant and could not even measure up to a maid’s from an influential family! She had long become a laughstock at every noble gathering!

But the young lady standing in front of him now possessed an air that was out of the ordinary. Every move and motion of hers displayed an unspeakable and automatic placing of someone from a grand and noble family. I made people want to pay their respects to her willingly.

What she still that trash Bai Ruo Li?

But after a careful observation, the five facial features were undoubtedly the same.

After a long time of distraction, Bai Liu Jing finally regained himself.

Meeting her enemy, Bai Ruo Qi’s eyes reddened as she mockingly laughed out loud: “Bai Ruo Li! You have finally come! You dare to harm into this state and still dare to come here. Let’s see how my father will deal with you!”

Scratching her ear, Huang Yue Li chuckled in a low voice: “Why do I not dare to come? Wasn’t Second Uncle who invited me here? Furthermore, who are you? I think I do not recognise you?”

“Bai Ruo Li, what garlic sprout are you? !”

Eyebrows creased, Bai Liu Jing spoke in a stern voice: “Bai Ruo Li, how do you speak to your paternal older cousin? Sorely lacking in manners! No wonder you can beat up your older cousin to this degree! Hurry up and apologise your you Second Sister!”

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At a loss, Huang Yue Li’s gaze swept over Bai Ruo Qi. Following that, in a very exaggerated motion she placed her hands over her mouth.

“This…..You can not possibly be telling me that, this pig-head is my Second Sister? How can this be? You must have made a mistake. My Second Sister is a renowned ice beauty in the kingdom of South Yue. With countless young and powerful young men are kneeling beneath her. How can this stinking girl be her?”

With her mention of ‘pig-head’ and another of ‘stinking girl’ were like piercing daggers. They struck straight into Bai Ruo Qi’s heart.

Bai Ruo Qi was graced with good looks from birth. When had she ever suffered such a humiliation before?

This was all harmed by Huang Yue Li! And she still dared to mock her like this!

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Chapter 57