Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 55

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Huang Yue Li smilingly said: “That’s good then. I will definitely believe everyone. Cai Wei, go and fetch paper and pen!”

“Yes Young Miss!”

Swiftly, Cai Wei ran into the study. She shortly returned with pen, paper and an ink stone.

Raising the pen, whoosh whoosh whoosh, the words flew out from Huang Yue Li’s hand, onto the paper.

“Done. Cai Wei, go ask for the signatures of those brother guards. Start from that Lord Commander. Everyone do not worry, I will go with you all to the Manor once you have all finished signing your names!”

“Third Young Miss, you are truly too good….”

“Not only is the Third Young Miss beautiful, you are also kind hearted. Truly not a well-bred young lady in name!”

Letting out an internal sigh of relief, they began to follow up with some ass kissing. A heap of beautifying words flowed out from their mouths like they were free. Nonstop, they threw out these praises.

Huang Yue Li only nodded her head, lips slightly curved. She seemed to be highly pleased with all those praises.

Taking the pen and paper, Cai Wei took them to the commander first: “Lord Commander, I ask for you to sign your name over here.”

“Okay, no problem!” Pounding his chest, he enthusiastically agreed. Without a shred of hesitation, he wrote his words in large characters.

As he wrote, he continuously praised: “Third Young Miss’ yours words are written so beautifully. Strokes like dragons and snakes, with a multitude of grandeur. Deserving of being the Manor’s esteemed Young Miss. A noble Region Princess, really is different! This is the first time that this subordinate has seen such beautiful writing!”

“Haha, You exaggerate, you exaggerate. Lord Commander you are far too courteous!”

As the IOU was passing through the hands of the guards, everyone seem to be very impatient to sign their names. They were worried that Huang Yue Li would be become clear minded and go back on their agreement.

Receiving the paper from Cai Wei, Huang Yue Li gave it a look. She satisfied, she smiled and said: “Too good. Everyone here is honest and straightforward! Let’s go with our agreement then. Take ten days to gather four hundred silvers each and send to this courtyard. Otherwise I will take a note to the Main Manor and let my Second Uncle see what you guys say behind his back”

“Huh? What has this got to with the Manor Lord?”

Feeling that those words were a bit strange, he asked that question.

Eyes narrowing from her smile, Huang Yue Li said: “I didn’t know before, but you people were actually this dissatisfied with the Manor Lord! You complain that he does not give you enough income and complaining how harshly he treats subordinates. You also want to report to the Emperor and expose him!”

“What? !”

“What do you mean?”

“I …I…….How come I can’t understand?”

Holding the note, Huang Yue Li walked a bit closer towards the commander. Allowing him a clearer view of the words.

Taking a closer view of the note, they nearly spit out blood!

How was this an IOU? This was a collective agreement signed by Valiant Martial Manor’s Personal Guard Regiment’s, declaring the law bending of the Manor Master! It was full of Bai Liu Jing’s dark deeds. All kinds of words and doings were recorded. Pouring sewer water with utmost effort onto his head!

And it was was on this paper were ten neatly signed names. They were the names of the ten members is this small group, not excluding a single person!


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The commander nearly shouldn’t breathe properly.

The Third Young Miss had tricked them in such a way. What she made them wasn’t some IOU at all!

Withdrawing the sheet of paper, she said in a tender voice: “Who would have thought that my Second Uncle would treat his underlings this badly. Everyone it has been hard you. Sirs please feel at ease. As long as you need to, I will deliver this into the Royal Palace for you and let the Emperor seek justice for you! Please rest assured!”

No one replied.

Confused, Huang Yue Li went to look around. Only to discover that a majority had fainted on the spot!

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Chapter 55