Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 54

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Huang Yue Li answered him: “That’s right, I didn’t calculate incorrectly!”

“But, but…..we only stayed in the courtyard for a while, not breaking anything. And so many of my subordinates were injured…..”

Clearly it was his people who were injured, while not even a single strand of hair was lost from Huang Yue Li’s maid. Why was it them who were paying the money, and so much at that? ?

Raising her eyebrow, Huang Yue Li answered him: “What? You are unconvinced? Take a closer look at my Eight Direction Earth Burrowing Thorns? Ah? Look carefully. Those are Second Level Middle Grade Armaments. It is also such a large scale Mechanism-type Armament. Priceless beyond compare! If you were to put them on the market, they would sell for at least ten thousand silvers!”

Everyone’s eyes bulged out, carefully observing the row of thorns.

They all had the same thoughts: ‘My god! This row of iron thorns was that amazing. They were Second Level Armaments ah! In my entire life, this is the first time that I get to see Second Level Armaments! They were actually lying on the ground like streaky pork skewers!’

Huang Yue Li continued: “Now you know? This Armament, cost five thousand silvers to manufacture. This was all because I took pity on you and gave you a twenty percent discount, charging you each four hundred silvers. I am suffering a loss of one thousand silvers! As for the trauma you made my maid suffer, as the master I decided to write that off! Yet you still consider it expensive? Do you not feel guilty?”

They were thoroughly lectured by her. Looking at their feet, they began to reflect on themselves.

That’s right, Third Young Miss is already this generous. Yet everyone continued to complain and haggle about the price, this was too appalling….

“Third Young Miss this subordinate is not acknowledging his debt. In truth….this subordinate did not bring that much money with him……”

“That’s right, that’s right. Third Young Miss, this sum is the accumulation of our wages for several years. It wouldn’t be that easy to take out….”

“Correct ah. Third Young Miss, I have a eighty year old mother and a child who still needs to drink milk. I truly cannot take such a sum out ah…”

With someone one leading the herd, the others followed him and started to cry out. All pretending to be pitiful!

After all this was such a large sum of money. No matter how reasonable the Third Young Miss said, they were unwilling to part with that sum!

For those with a working brain, they immediately went to find a loophole. Afterall, they didn’t bring that much money with them today; even if they die, they wouldn’t give it. What can the Third Young Miss possibly do then? She wouldn’t possibly kill them?

At the end of the day, they were guards of the Manor. If they were to die in the territory of the Third Young Miss, she would have provoked no small trouble!

Gradually each and every one of the guards came to an understanding. Each crying out how poor they were, preparing to renege on their debts.

Huang Yue Li sneered in her heart, while the smile on her face became filled with even more warmth and softness.

“Okay then, I know about everyone’s sufferings. I am not someone who cannot be reasoned with. How about this, since everyone cannot take the sum out currently, why don’t you all write an IOU. Leave the IOU at my residence. Take your time to gather the money and pay it off when you have acquired the sum.”

Hearing those words, they became very energetic.

“Sure sure sure. This solution is good! Just do it like that!”

“Third Young Miss’ heart truly is good and honest. You will definitely be rewarded well in the future!”

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“Rest assured Third Young Miss. We will not fail to pay these debts…..”

So what if she has an IOU? Leaving those gates, who would go and admit it?

The Third Young Miss did not know where they lived, so could not go to their doors knocking for their debts. This money…naturally would not be returned!

This Third Young Miss was this easily swindled, she even believed these types of promises. She is indeed a sheltered rich lady, oblivious to the ways of the world!

So what if she possessed powerful Armaments? A few words were enough to trick her?

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Chapter 54