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Though they did not know how this trash because an expert. But a living practitioner at the Seventh Level of the Qi Profound Realm had been blown away in front of them. Due to this shocking event, they were still scared senseless.

Furiously the commander raged: “Useless things! You are this easily scared? She had only used an evil technique. All of you go attack together! Whoever dares to disobey the Manor Lord’s command today will be captured and punished!”

After a moment’s hesitation, one by one they began to move.

No matter what, the manor Lord was the one who controlled their life and death, as well as their future.

No matter how great the Third Young Miss is, with so many of them present would they still fear her?

Clenching down, the guards decided to use their numbers to forcibly take down the Third Young Miss!

Facing the entire group of guards, Huang Yue Li did not become at all flustered.

Calmly and leisurely, she took a step back.

“Ting! Shing! Shing! Ting—-! !”

A crisp sound rang.

In the area that she was standing earlier, numerous metallic thorns shot out. The metal thorns were like sinister silver teeth, drilling out of the ground.

The charging were stunned by this unexpected turn of events. Unable to halt their progress, they stepped straight onto the thorns.

One can only imagine the unbearable pain that comes from iron thorns three inches long. Those thorns completely skewered through their feet, resulting in their fall. Unfortunately, what greeted them were more of these thorns piercing into their bodies.

“AH——–! What is this? ?”

“There’s spikes! There’s spikes on the ground! Ah, so painful! Why is there even more? ? Why can’t I pull them out? ?”

“Save me! Those behind, don’t push, don’t push, ah ah ah——!”

In a blink of an eye, blood curdling screams and cries filled the area.

Huang Yue Li smiled sardonically. These people….these people really didn’t know better. They dared to provoke her in her territory.

As everyone know, the nest of an Armament Master were filled with traps and mechanisms on every step.

Because expert Armament Masters were skilled in mechanisms and skills, they would make their lairs into a place fortified by metals and walls and a burning moat.

Looking for trouble in the turf of a Armament Master was willingly sending themselves to their own demise!

After Huang Yue Li received the furnace and gifts from the mysterious man, she began to improve the back courtyard out of habit.

What she didn’t expect was for those improvements to be used this quickly!

Shaking her head, she let out a sigh: “Ai, this Miss gave you a chance, but you insisted on recklessly charging forward. I really don’t understand why? Are you people really this dumb…”

Turning her head, she went to asked Cai Wei: “This dumb? Isn’t it called stupid coming?”

Cai Wei was thoroughly stunned. Groggily she replied: “What?”

“Aiyo! It was that time Fourth Sister was running around naked in front of our residence. That uncle, what did he say she came from?”

Blankly, Cai Wei answered: “Likes to be whipped? A masochist?”

“Right, right, right, a masochist! Cai Wei, your memory isn’t bad. Good future prospect!”

Looking at the guards lying on the ground, bleeding everywhere, Huang Yue Li beamed at them whilst making a conclusion: “So you are all masochists! Furthermore, your tastes are so strong! Why do you like to be covered in blood?”

The little phoenix used his little wing to cover his eyes as he couldn’t bear to look anymore.

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This female demon is becoming more and more twisted. Who is the one with strong tastes? Who was it that caused them to be drenched in blood? How is she not embarrassed to talk about others?

Looking at her in stupor, the commander was rendered speechless.

Walking to him, Huang Yue Li smiled down: “This uncle, slave to a monkey, what other advice do you wish to give?”

“I…..I…don’t…….don’t have any….”

The commander’s whole body trembled in fear.

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Chapter 52