Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 51

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With Huang Yue Li’s proclamation of “disrespecting the Emperor”, the commander’s imposing aura was immediately dissipated.

Normally, all the servants of Valiant Martial Manor treated the Third Miss as an idiot whom anyone could step on. They had long forgotten her status, a genuine Princess that should be respected!

The commander was at a loss for words, unable to refute her claims.

But the orders of the Manor Lord must be completed.

He might as well rip off his hypocritical mask. Laughing sardonically, he swaggered towards her.

“Third Miss, don’t talk smart with me! You think that possessing a title will make you a respected Region Princess? Why don’t you go take a piss? Not even looking at the yourself, the piece of trash you are. What can your status do for you? You can’t even measure us bodyguards! You dare to oppose against the Manor Lord’s orders? Refusing a toast and being forced to drink it. Don’t blame me for being hard handed!”

Finishing, as fast as lightning he chopped towards Huang Yue Li.

By his estimations, this Third Miss had was a chicken-hearted trash. Once she saw such an aggressive attack, she wouldn’t be able to control herself and start to pee.

“Third Young Miss———! !”

Alarmed, Cai Wei screeched out.

On of the contrary, Huang Yue Li maintained a face of tranquilness. There was even a trace of a sneering smile within her eyes.

Already charging towards her, the commander felt his head throb when he neared her. The next moment, his mind became blank.

Following that was an acute sense of pain from his chest. The sounds of cracking ribs soon echoed in his ears. Without his control, his body flew backwards and landed very heavily onto the ground.

Because the one thrown was the leader of those guards, the rest of guard stared at Huang Yue Li in blatant shock.

That move just then, they finally saw clearly.

Just then, one of Huang Yue Li’s fist had sent their powerful commander flying.

That fist of hers wasn’t really fast, but for some reason he was unable to to dodge. It almost seemed like he willingly charged towards it.

Huang Yue Li’s hand looked so slender and pale; it seemed so fragile that it could not hold a simple vegetable knife. Let alone sending a grown man flying, sprawling on the ground.

This this this…were they dreaming?

Clapping away the dust in her hands, Huang Yue Li beamed: “Great Commander, you are truly too impolite. Coming over as a guest, yet you are lying on the owner’s property leisurely refusing to stand up. Tsk tsk, truly someone who came from this Manor. Do you not understand basic etiquette?”

Innocently and pure was her smile. Just like a noble family’s treasured daughter who had yet to see the evils of the world.

In truth, without any profound qi she did not have enough power to send him flying. What she relied on was a profound skill to counter the force that he applied back onto himself.

Unfortunately that commander’s level wasn’t high enough to comprehend the such a profound skill.

When Huang Yue Li said those words, the mean had begun to groggily regain conscious. When he heard her words, he nearly spit out blood from anger.

He shouted out: “You…….how dare you? I am someone sent by the Manor Lord!”

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Blinking her eyes, Huang Yue Li was quite perplexed, “What Monkey Lord, Chicken Lord? This is still a Region Princess’ Residence. Not any Dick, Tom or Harry can enter as they please. If you people are willingly to slave away for your Monkey Lord, I cannot say anything. Though, I am still a human, a different grade from you all. ”

(TLN: Hou Ye (Manor Lord) and Hou Ye (Monkey Lord) are spelt the same but pronounced differently, HYL did a pun to denote him to the level of an animal)

Angered to death the commander was. Furiously he gnashed his teeth and said: “You……….all you go! Go and arrest her and that serving girl!”

The guards looked at each other, none of them daring to move.

The Third Young Miss was too nefarious.

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Chapter 51