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Ever since the day the Second Young Miss was beaten, Cai Wei’s heart was constantly restless. Even with Huang Yue Li’s assurance, she was unable to settle her heart.

Since Bai Ruo Qi was in that state, once she returned to Wu Wei Manor’s main house, the Manor Lord would definitely be furious.

No matter what Third Young Miss was like, how could she oppose the Manor Lord? At that time, as a lowly serving girl, she would be the first to lose her life! No one would be able to save her!

And now the Manor Lord had sent over people for them. Moreover, the people sent were the Manor’s very own Personal Soldier Regiment.

Valiant Martial Manor’s Personal Guard Regiment was very famous in South Yue. Every single one of them possessed a cultivation higher than the Fifth level of the Qi Profound Realm and were tempered veterans of the battlefield. They were filled with battle experience and blood lust!

Completely unable to resist. She also knew that if she was dragged to meet the Manor Lord and Second Young Miss, she already foresaw the types of crimes and punishments that awaited her!

Cai Wei was trembling like a leaf.

Just was she saw the guards hands were about to grab her, a frosty voice rang out.

“Release your hands!”

“Bang! Bang!”

Dust flew up from the ground.

The two guards who were in the midst of capturing Cai Wei flew outwards. After flying thirty to forty feet, they landed heavily on the ground!

No one expected this type of situation to occur. Momentarily, the entire courtyard lapsed into a period of complete silence.

The guard’s commander turned his stunned face and discovered that Huang Yue Li at some unknown time moved in front of Cai Wei. Full of cold indifference, she looked at him.

Her clear eyes were currently looking at them with a frost and indifference. Raising her chin slightly, her white dress fluttered along with that slight movement.

The guards all looked at each other. Within each of their comrades eyes, they saw extreme shock!

This is…too unfathomable.

This infamous incapable and useless Third Young Miss seemed to look very imposing and threatening. This powerful beyond compare and respectful aura of hers reminded them of the Manor Lord Bai Liu Feng, who went missing ten years prior!

Coldly, Huang Yue Li said: “Want to touch my maid, did you ask this Young Miss yet?”

The throw had stunned the two guards, so it was only now that they began to shout out “ai-yo, ai-yo”. Rubbing their butts, they stood up.

Giving them a glare, the commander angrily growled: “Disgraceful things. How can you fail to catch a maid? You were also sent flying? Who hit you?”

“It’s……it’s Third Young Miss ah….”

“That’s right, Third Young Miss….”

“You also dare to lie? The Third Young Miss does not possess any profound strength!”

“But, this is the truth…..really. Commander, this subordinate does not dare to speak lies ah. Just then, Third Young Miss dashed in front of us and with a wave of her sleeve, we were sent flying……..”

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The Commander pursed his lips together.

Bai Ruo Li was a good-for-nothing that could not cultivate. While these two guards were experts at the Qi Profound Realm Fifth Level. She could send them flying?

She definitely used some despicable means to achieve this, but it would only be able to deal with those ordinary guards. Once she meet a real expert, it would be of no use.

He didn’t believe a single shred of their nonsense. Stepping towards Huang Yue Li, he faced her to say: “Third Young Miss, I suggest to stop with your meaningless resistance and take a walk with this subordinate! The Manor Lord is your elder, and has invited you to the Main House to be a guest. Yet you injured the people he has sent over. This is disrespecting your elders. No matter who heard this, they all would say that you are in the wrong!”

Huang Yue Li sneered: “Oh? That so? Then I, who the Emperor personally bestowed is a Region Princess, while he Bai Liu Jing is a mere Marquis. According to our statuses, he must acknowledge me when he sees me! What authority does he possess to capture my, Region Princess’ maid? And on what authority does he have to send people to trespass on my territory? Does he put the title personally bestowed by the Emperor within his eyes?”

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Chapter 50