Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 5

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“Fourth Miss, what…..what is the matter with you?”

Under the astonished gazes of everyone, the room door opened once more. Clothed in white all over, Huang Yue Li “floated” out.

“Who….who is it?”

“……..Third Miss?”

Bai Ruo Yan once again started to wail out in fear.

At once, the nursemaid felt that something wasn’t right. With large strides, she stood in front of Bai Ruo Yan and said: “Fourth Mis, don’t panic. By this old maid’s assumption, Third Miss isn’t a ghost. Who dare to pretend in our manor to be some godly spiri…..ghost….”

Once again, Huang Yue Li’s demonically black eyes glinted coldly. Looking towards her, the old maid felt her head became dizzy while her legs crumpled beneath her, kneeling to the ground.

Softly, Huang Yue Li whispered: “Everyone give yourselves twenty slaps then get lost!”

The sounds of slapping ensued. Under the control of Huang Yue Li’s eye technique, the various serving girls and maids started to diligently slap themselves. Pa! Pa! Pa! It sounded. By the end of the twenty slaps, everyone’s faces had swelled up greatly, causing them to look like steamed buns!

Following that, those people hurriedly stood up. They didn’t even spare a glance at the bare naked Bai Ruo Yan, running away as if they had peed their pants.

Quivering, shaking, Bai Ruo Yan staggered. All the while muttering “ghost” as she tottered out of the courtyard.

With slow and unhurried steps, Huang Yue Li followed behind them to the entrance.

At the entrance to the street, many people came and left.

With a clear and audible voice, Huang Yue Li shouted out: “Come see. Valiant Martial Manor’s Fourth Miss is running around the streets naked! A high standing young lady with fair skin, great bodily features. Not bad and it costs no money!”

Suddenly, a naked lady burst out scaring all in the vicinity before drawing their attention.

When everyone heard the loud shouts of Huang Yue Li, they couldn’t help but well with great anticipation. Standing in a circle, people started to gather and surround Bai Ruo Yan from all sides. Not only was she trapped within the circle, more and more people started to gather and chatter amongst themselves.

“Eh, this crazy lady actually looks quite decent, her body too. Just a shame, that she’s a bit lacking in the brains. Nonetheless, I have a younger brother who is a bit retarded, thirty and he has yet to marry a wife. I wonder if I can take her home and match her him?”

“Woah, you sure dream well! Didn’t you hear what the person just said? She is Valiant Martial Manor’s Fourth Miss. Even if she was an idiot, do you think your brother can match her?”

“What? How could this be? I only heard that the Third Miss of Valiant Martial Manor was useless. Aren’t the Fourth Miss’ talents quite decent? How could she be an idiot? Not to mention, running around the street naked?”

“But, it seems like it really Fourth Miss Bai ah…”

“What? What? You didn’t see wrongly?”

“Of course I didn’t see wrongly! My uncle’s next door neighbour’s great aunt’s younger male cousin from her mother’s side’s older sister-in-law… part of Valiant Martial Manor’s household. How could I possibly be wrong? This is precisely Fourth Miss Bai!”

“Truly so? How could this high class, well-bred lady be running around naked?”

“How would I know that?”

“Hey, hey. I heard that these rich ladies from good households are slutty from birth and have unique hobbies. Not only do like to go around streaking, they also enjoy being beaten. I heard that some even enjoy eating sh**….abnormal hobbies, normal folk cannot understand ah…..”

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“Ai! Stop talking about, I’m about to puke. Public morals are degenerating by the day…”

After shouting till her voice turned hoarse, Huang Yue Li proceeded to sneakily hide herself.

No one would have guessed that there are a young girl sitting at the back entrance of the Manor. Chin resting on her hands, she listened enthusiastically.

“Tsk tsk. This small kingdom South Yue isn’t very strong and its cultivators are also beyond weak. Yet its streets’ uncles are so informed, informed to point where they knew that some people enjoyed eating sh**.”

At that moment in time, Bai Ruo Yan became clear headed again.

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Chapter 5