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Speaking up, Valiant Martial Manor’s Madam went to add oil and vinegar to the story: “Manor Lord, she, Bai Ruo Li is only a useless trash. It is only due to your kind heart that you offered her shelter! But what was the result? She bit the hand that fed her, treating our Qi’er like that! That girl has such a malicious heart!

Bai Ruo Qi didn’t forget to continue her crying along the side.

While he was listening to her tearful sobs, Bai Liu Jing became all the more furious.

“Guards, go and capture Bai Ruo Li and bring her over to this Lord! I will in the place of my missing elder brother properly teach her what it is to respect one’s elders and upholding one’s ethics!”

Keeping silent in fear, the servants quickly went to the back courtyard.

Achieving her objective, the Manor Madam went to pour tea and personally presented it to Bai Liu Jing.

“Manor Lord, quell your anger! You have already fulfilled your duty of looking after her. Who can blame you if she was the one to willingly learn bad things? I also know that is this hard for you. If you were to teach that third girl a lesson, people would definitely talk about it, that you were mistreating elder brother’s only daughter! Even if Qi’er received those beatings, I ask of you to tolerate it and not lose face for the Manor…….”

The more the Manor Madam spoke, the tears began to fall down her face.

She looked completely to be looking at the bigger picture, suffering in silence.

Her method of retreating for and advance was indeed effective.

Bai Liu Jing abruptly threw his sleeve to the side, resolutely saying: “Rest assured Madam. I will not cause Qi’er to feel wronged! That girl is a good-for-nothing, she couldn’t possibly overturn the skies! Today, this Manor Lord wants to carefully teach her! I won’t let her off lightly!”

Flashing across Bai Ruo Qi’s swollen face was a very distorted and twisted smile.

Her father was a Defensive Profound Realm Ninth Level cultivator. Regardless of what demonic tricks Bai Ruo Li held up her sleeves, she would not be able to use them!

Today she will humiliate that little slut!

Dare to slap her face, she would need to bear the consequences a hundred times greater. She also wanted to destroy that little slut’s appearance!

In the past three days, Cai Wei had used the silvers given to her by Huang Yue Li and asked slave brokers to come to their home.

Huang Yue Li had then personally chosen ten maids and serving boys.

The standards which she chose them: One – not by appearance. Two – not by they working ability, but mainly through their talent.

Usually speaking you needed a Talent Testing Stone make an accurate judgement, but Huang Yue Li had another method of telling. This method enabled her to roughly guess the counterpart’s potential.

Aside from this, she also looked at their perseverance abilities and loyalty.

In those three days, she had viewed all of the possible servants available for purchase in the capital. She then picked out all the ones talented in cultivation from among them.

These people, every single one of them then signed a life and death contract with her. Additionally, Huang Yue Li placed a restriction seal on each of them.

She planned to observe them for a period of time. Afterwards, she would then select the honest and loyal ones, giving them each a cultivation manual.

With her help, sooner of later each one of them would become a fairly decent martial cultivator.

When the time comes, Huang Yue Li would have turned them into a strong force at her disposal.

Unfortunately today, during the afternoon , a ruckus was heard from outside the courtyard.

Very quickly after this, Cai Wei rushed inside to report: “Third Young Miss, this time it is really bad. It’s the Manor Lord……Manor Lord has sent over people…..”


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Before Huang Yue Li could express herself, a group of people had charged into the courtyard.

Those people were all practitioners are the Qi Profound Realm. The one leading them was at the Qi Profound Realm Seventh Level.

The leader spoke out in a cold and commanding voice: “Third Young Miss, the Manor Lord has ordered you go the Manor’s Hall. We’ll have to trouble you to come with us! Also the one maid called Cai Wei, bring her along too!”

Waving his hand, two guards stepped out grabbing Cai Wei.

Cai Wei face was deathly white; she had long been scared foolish.

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Chapter 49