Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 43

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That could be forgiven, but he had to use that type of tone to speak. And on top of that, commenting on her appearance!

Truth be told, her current body could not be considered to be a beauty. At most she could be called delicate.

In comparison to the four great beauties in her past life, it really could not be considered anything.

However, strength was more important than appearance within the eyes of Huang Yue Li. Based on the fact that Bai Ruo Li possessed the Flame Spirit Physique, made her happier than having some amazing appearance!

Speaking of which, what sprout could this man considered as? What qualifications does he have to evaluate her appearance?

“Lord Owner, the way I look I think has nothing to do with our collaboration right?”

“Collaboration?” Finding it laughable, he replied: “You say collaboration? Did you not deny the fact that you are Bai Ruo Li? Furthermore, you also said that you were not some Armament Master?”

Since she was already exposed, what was the point of pretending to be some garlic clove? ?

Glared her eyes fiercely. Angry as she was, she also seemed to soften down.

“Lord Owner, I truly did lie to you but I ask for your understanding. I am but a weak female. Going outside I will be easily bullied, so I have no choice but to put on a disguise. I did not purposely want to cheat and lie. Pinching me with such strength, it just too painful. Can you first let go of me? Whatever you want to collaborate with, we can talk about it……..”

Batting her eyes, a few tear drops started to form.

This attitude, coupled with her originally petite frame fully portrayed her ‘weak and feeble female’ look.

Any man who saw this will feel pity and couldn’t bear to hurt her any longer.

But this man nearly burst out laughing.

Just this two-faced slyness, steel hearted treacherous little fox had the nerve to call herself a ‘weak and feeble female’? She was also afraid that she would be bullied?

Clearly when she walked on the wide streets, it should be other people who needed to worry whether or not they will be bullied by her!

Furthermore, if he were to release her, this girl would mostly likely resist with all her might in the next moment. She might even use some method to attract attention. He was not that stupid!

Mouth still curved, the man answered her: “I find this position not that bad. No need to change, just speak like this!”

“You…okay. Go speak.”

Seeing he did not fall for it, Huang Yue Li had no more cards to play. She could only listening attentively.

He continued: “These Third Tier Armaments, did you really make them?”

Huang Yue Li nodded her head.

She was already exposed, there was no meaning in continuing her lie.

“Then this Lord cannot understand. Your body does not have any inkling or trace of profound qi, neither your is soul power that high. You are not even dual attributed in fire and metal. How did you refine those armaments? They are also Third Tier Armaments!”

Huang Yue Li pursed her lips together, “I cannot tell you this. If you are to question and investigate further, not matter what you do, I will no longer form any kind of partnership with you.”

Calmly, he looked at her for a while before beginning to laugh.

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“Okay then, I will ask no more. Everyone has their own secrets. This Lord isn’t someone who wants to know everything.”

“That’s good then.” Huang Yue Li let out a breath of relief.

But she did not know what the man thought in his heart: not knowing for now it nothing to worry over. After all, this little fox will become his person. Everything regarding her, he will know sooner or later.

What need does impatience have now?

Thinking for a moment, Huang Yue Li said: “I can clearly tell you this, Third Tier Armaments are the highest I can refine currently and only a few specific kinds. I don’t even know what kind of armaments you want? There is a high possibility that I am unable to complete your request.”

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Chapter 43