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Huang Yue Li had already prepared the appropriate answer to this question.

“These armaments were all made by my master. Due to his status, it is not convenient for him to descend down the mountain away from the sect. So he had asked me to sell them in his place.”

Announcing she was the refiner was not sensible. Her current cultivation was nothing, unable to protect herself at all.

Saying that they were family treasures were also not likely. Apart from the Royal Family, there was no one who possessed the ability to take out this many armaments.

Furthermore, if she were to refine more in the future it was certain that she would need to bring them out again. At that time, it would be unexplainable.

As a result, she created this fake master. This was the best method.

Grandmaster Yan exclaimed out: “It really is the work of a large sect’s powerful Armament Master. Presumptuously can I ask….what tier is your master at?”

“You do not need to ask this.”

Inside, Grandmaster Yan’s bewilderment increased.

Taking out this many Third Level Armaments at once, including a Profound Armor Armament, at the very least this master should be at the Fifth Tier!

Even within those large sects, this was someone who could easily call the wind and summon the rain.

This young master standing in front of him, as the disciple to that master, he must not offend in any circumstances!

In a split second, his attitude became abnormally subservient. He nodded his head to Huang Yue Li, like he wanted to give up offerings to her.

Beaming with joy, Shopkeeper Sun proclaimed to all those present: “Fellow guests, we have witnessed everything. Thus our Thousand Treasure Pavilion will hold an exclusive auction for these Third Tier Armaments. How valuable Third Tier Armaments are, I am sure I do not need to say? This is an once in a blue moon opportunity ah. You must cannot miss this everyone.”

“My god. These armaments are really going to be auctioned?”

“Living this long, this is my first time actually seeing Third Tier Armaments. And this many!”

“How good it will be if you could buy one. These are family heirloom worth treasures. Losing the family’s fortune would be worth it for them!”

“Hehe, you sure dream well. In the capital, there are so many aristocrats with plenty of money. Will your turn ever come?”

There were also people loudly asking: “When will the auction be held?”

A smile was splayed across Shopkeeper Sun’s face.

“Once the time and date has been settled, Thousand Treasure Pavilion will send invitations. I ask everyone to be patient.”

Making an impassioned motion, Shopkeeper Sun scattered the surrounding crowd.

With a smile that was not quite a smile, Huang Yue Li spoke: “Shopkeeper Sun. Think that I……..have yet to promise you that I will auction my armaments at your store?”

Solemnly, Shopkeeper Sun bowed to her: “Young Master, let us discuss this inside. Any conditions you have, please feel free to raise them.”

Inside the VIP guestroom.

Huang Yue Li was seated in the host’s seat.

Grandmaster Yan who previously emitted an arrogant and proud aura was standing respectfully to the side pouring tea for her.

The business clauses were swiftly settled by both parties.

In order to secure this major business offered by this disciple, he had wholly conceded.

Thousand Treasure Pavilion would shoulder all expenses incurred in advertising and venue allocation. As for the commission, they would only obtain two percent of the total earnings from this auction.

This was only one tenth of the usual industry commissions!

Apart from that, Shopkeeper Sun also presented her a VIP black card. In all of the Thousand Treasure Pavilion branch stores, she would be able to enjoy twenty percent off for all purchases.

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“Young Master, for this batch of armaments we will pay you three hundred thousand as down payment. May I ask where to send this to?”

Thinking for a moment, Huang Yue Li replied: “You do not need to give it to me now. I ask of you to collect all of the herbs in this list. Deduct the money from the auctions earnings. Once everything has been settled, I will collect my sum.”

Full of promises Shopkeeper Sun was.

At this time, a small serving boy came knocking.

“Shopkeeper, the Master has just come to the store. He wants to meet with the Young Master selling the armaments.”

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Chapter 39