Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 37

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Hastily, Shopkeeper Sun followed suite.

The watching customers also began to shuffle outside.

This kind of large scale commotion was a rare sight to see. Who wouldn’t want to go see how it will played out?

Peeking its small head out from within Huang Yue Li’s cloak, the little phoenix rubbed his small fluffy head on her shoulder.

‘Ai, that poor old man. You could provoke anymore, but you went to provoke this female devil. Your age is already this old, yet you have to be played like this. This time, your face will be lost all the way back to your grandmother’s home!’

The latter part is unprotected!

Tragic! Tragic! ! Tragic! ! !

Pushing his tiny head back inside, Huang Yue Li followed them with slow and steady steps.

At the entrance of Thousand Treasure Pavilion, the chests that Huang Yue Li had brought with her, were already placed on the ground.

Originally, these items could have been stored within the Sky Phoenix Ring, as the space was not small. But a spatial armament was considered a very uncommonly seen high levelled armament. She didn’t want to arouse too much attention, so Huang Yue Li decided to hire a horse carriage to deliver these armaments.

Eighteen chests, chained and locked were neatly lined up, very eye catching.

“Wah, there are this many chests! Inside them….it couldn’t truly be filled with Third Tier Armaments?”

“What jokes are you making? All of them, Third Tier Armaments? How much would they be worth? Unless this youngster stole them from the Royal Family’s treasury, there is no way he would possess this much!”

“That’s right. By my estimations, if there are at least two chests filled with armaments is already pretty good. As for the rest, they should be just ordinary antiques and the like, to be sold at Thousand Treasure Pavilion for some silvers?”

Numerous curious pedestrians also stopped in their tracks to watch the scene. They were curious to what Thousand Treasure Pavilion was up to.

Stopping in his tracks, Grandmaster Yan folded his arms and snorted condescendingly: “Boy, hurry up and open the chests! Let this senior experience something and open up his eyes!”

Lips curling, Huang Yue Li didn’t go up immediately. On the contrary, he turned to Shopkeeper Sun and said: “Shopkeeper Sun, I ask that you place some of your most powerful guards around to protect the area. If this many Third Tier Armaments were taken out, I’m afraid there will people wanting to fight for them…”

Shopkeeper Sun was somewhat floored.

Ordering some more people to guard? Afraid of people fighting over it?

These words… was like she really did possess that many armaments!

Sweeping his gaze at her, Grandmaster Yan spoke up: “Little demon, don’t stall for time. Relax, as long as I am present, no one will dare to snatch your things away! Those who dared to stretch out their wings, will not be escape out of South Yue! Hurry up and open them!”

“Okay. Since Vice-President Yan has spoken, I think it is believable. ”

Only then did Huang Yue Li walk out, pulling out a key. Slotting it into the first chest’s lock, it smoothly opened.

“Old man, look well. Is it you who is shortsighted or me who is swindling others!”

Her white hands lifting up, the chest’s contents were revealed.

In the view of everyone, a cold beam of light shone out.

Coming up close, you could see that a sparkling long sword was lying within the chest.

The light emitting from the sword was like the autumn river, full of brilliance and life.

“This is…..this is a Third Level Upper Grade Profound Weapon—–Autumn Water Sword!” Grandmaster Yan loudly exclaimed!

“Old Man, you actually know your products!” Huang Yue Li sneered at him.

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“This senior has actually read the Ninth Rank Armament Master Grandmaster Huang’s Profound Weapon Illustrations. Inside, this type of weapon was mentioned!”

Once Grandmaster Yan saw the Autumn Water Sword, his eye seemed to brighten greatly. Stepping forward, he rushed to the chest and wanted to take the sword out to see.

Unpredictably, his hands could not even touch the sword.

“Pa”. Heavily, Huang Yue Li slammed the lid shut.

If it weren’t for his fast reactions, then his arms would have been ruthlessly wedged in the chest.

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Chapter 37