Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 34

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Who didn’t know that every single work from an Armament Master didn’t have their sweat and blood poured into it? Extremely precious and very few were taken out to be sold!

This was especially true with this Grandmaster Yan. He was the Vice-President of South Yue’s Armament Master Guild whilst also being one of three Third Rank Armament Masters!

The armaments that he refined had a large possibility to be third level products!

Cautiously and carefully, Shopkeeper Sun said: “Grandmaster Yan, may I ask if you have brought the armament with you today? Would it be possible for this one to lay his eye on it?”

Grandmaster Yan nodded his head slightly.

Very quickly a long sword lying within a sandalwood box was carried in.

The body of the blade was emitting a weak cyan glow. With a quick look, you could tell it possessed of the might of a godly soldier!

Grandmaster Yan said: “This cyan bodied sword is a third level lower grade armament. It is able to amplify a practitioner’s offensive capabilities by about twofold.”

Turns out it was a third level armament! Amplifying one’s offensive abilities and by two folds at that!

Face lighting up with delight, Shopkeeper Sun had already begun to calculate. He must organise a large scale auction to sell this high level product!

Every time a third level armament appeared in an auction, it would stir up the entire country of South Yue.

Successfully completing this big business would definitely leave a good impression to the new owner!

“Grandmaster Yan, your product’s quality is simplify too grand and brilliant! The entire South Yue, only you can refine an amplifying armament…”

Stroking his beard, Grandmaster Yan was quite pleased to hear this.

“If it weren’t considering our old friendship, this senior would have not come to your place to sell it. Selling the armament is possible at your place, but the profits must be split nine-one. I receive nine and you receive one……”

“Yes, yes, yes. Please rest assured, this is how it should be…..”

With Grandmaster Yan’s noble status of a Third Rank Armament Master, even if the Emperor was in their presence, he wouldn’t dare to disrespect him in the slightest. Nothing to say about Shopkeeper Sun. The fact that he was willing to cooperate with him, was already showing Shopkeeper Sun great favour!

Any unreasonable request or condition, he would agree without complaint.

It was at that moment that one of the store’s staff came scurrying along knocking on the door.

Displeased, Shopkeeper Sun answered: “What’s the matter? Didn’t I say it already? I am currently receiving an important customer, so do not carelessly come and disturb us!”

Nervously, the staff carefully reported: “Yes, this one knows. But Shopkeeper, a major event has happened…..just then a customer came and said….said he wanted to sell some third level armaments. Furthermore, it was….it was a whole cartful…..”

“What? What jokes are you making?”

Standing up suddenly, he had knocked over the small table in the process.

By the time Shopkeeper Sun and Grandmaster Yan had rushed back to the main hall of the shop, Huang Yue Li had already been kept waiting for quite a while.

Clothed in a large cloak, she disguised herself as a youngster.

Shopkeeper did not recognize her, but once he saw that her age was someone who had yet to reach twenty years, he began to frown.

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Grandmaster Yan was even more unrestrained and impolitely said: “I say Old Sun ah. Your Thousand Treasure Pavilion is becoming more and more outrageous. This child who still stinks of his mother’s milk dares to come swindle you in broad daylight!”

Casting him a glance, her gazed travelled from his old, wrinkled face of displeasure to the occupational badge on his chest.

Third Rank Armament Master…

Third Rank, this was considered quite a high level master in South Yue. Not wonder his tone was this arrogant.

Too lazy to respond to him, Huang Yue Li directly addressed Shopkeeper Sun: “What? Shopkeeper Sun, even you think I am here to swindle some money? If it’s like this, then I’ll just go the shop Hundred Jewel Pavilion. I won’t disturb you any longer!”

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Chapter 34