Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 237

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It can be said, after listening to Huang Yueli’s qin songs, all other qin songs turned into boring noises. Churning out songs without thought for quality, simply unbearable for the ears.

“God, so nice to listen to. I think I just saw blooming orchids….”

“Yeah, too good. I’ve never heard such a nice song……..”

“To think Third Young Miss Bai could play the qin….”

Accompanied by the sounds of praise, Huang Yueli remained composed; neither excited nor proud.

She had heard too many similar praises. These clichés were too common.

However, when these words entered Bai Ruoqi’s ears, they were like bolt of lightning striking her from the skies.

She turned pale.

These beautiful words, should belong to her!

At each young lady’s party, surrounded non-stop praises should be her Bai Ruoqi!

When did it belong to that dead girl? Is she not an idiot, one who was horrendous at poems and had appalling qin skills?

Just when did she develop such superb skills, taking away all the limelight?

Even if Bai Ruoqi vomited to death, her own skills were much too inferior to Huang Yueli’s!

She had always been proud of her qin skills. Unfortunately, in the face of Huang Yueli, nothing was worth mentioning. The gap between the two was much too high. As long one listens, they would immediately be able to tell who attained the higher mastery!

This fact hit her deeply.

All of Bai Ruoqi’s lips and face were a deathly white.

Not only did she feel angry, but also very jealous. Yet she could say nothing! Her skills cannot match others, what else could she say?

Even the Emperor said very pleasantly: “You are the daughter of Bai Liufeng? In previous years, I heard that you were weak in health, constantly recuperating at home. I did not expect for you to possess such outstanding technique! Amazing!”

Huang Yueli placed the ice jade qin down and gestured gracefully.

“Thank you for the praises Your Majesty. These are but minor accomplishments.”

“Very modest. If these are minor accomplishments, then there is no more room for other performances! This is Zhen’s first time listening to such qin skills!”

After the incident this morning, the Empress Dowager’s impression of Huang Yueli had rose greatly. And with this, she immediately spoke out for her.

“Although this girl’s cultivation is a little bad, but knows that devote themselves to learning the art of the qin. Indifferent to fame and fortune, not arrogant and able to play such a good melody! The character of this girl… really rare!”

The emperor had always remembered the friendship between Bai Liufeng. If not for the his daughter’s bad name, he would have long decreed for her engagement to the Crown Prince.

When he saw the girl today, he found a completely different person from the rumors. Not only did she look beautiful, she carried herself with an elegant temperament. Also playing such good qin!

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In the Tian Ling Continent, a qin master is still very respected.

The Emperor suddenly felt very happy, deeply pleased.

Finally, the daughter of Bai Liufeng was not a complete straw bag. Cannot cultivate, so instead she cultivate her qin technique to such levels. This showed that the girl’s character is very good!

After hearing the Empress Dowager’s praises of Huang Yueli, the Emperor’s smiled deeper.

“Good, good! Really good! Come, reward Third Young Miss Bai…..”

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Chapter 237