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After Huang Yueli’s action of ‘kindness’ at the Thousand Treasure Pavilion, the Crown Prince changed his attitude towards her.

Seeing her today, she looked more beautiful. This incited a tickle within his heart.

This little girl was also very smart and lovely, even with the beauty of the night’s Bai Ruoqi. Each held their own strengths, so it would be great if both could enter his harem.

Of course, since she is a waste, she would be unable to become his Imperial Consort, but a side concubine will do just fine.

A beautiful and brave Palace lady, this would be a good story to tell!

Besides, due to this girl’s status of wastrel, it would be quite hard for her to find a good match. The fact that this Prince is willingly to accept her as a side concubine should be enough to more her to tears!

Thinking of this, the Crown Prince’s smile turned quite profound.

As this scene played out in Li Moying’s eyes, his handsome face showed a trace of frostiness.

Dared to think about his woman …

Li Mojun, you have enough courage! It’s best if you go home to wash your neck first!

Although Li Moying held murderous intentions, nothing showed on his face. Lazily, he continued to sweep his gaze over Huang Yueli, as if he didn’t care for her at all.

In fact, he really did not feel any anxiety.

What kind of role this little fox is playing, although he did not know what she was brewing, she would definitely not lose in such an insignificant scene.

After the blank of many days,when he saw the little thing’s cunning heart, he still felt she is very cute. But he did not wish for that heartless little thing to discover this, so he quickly averted his eyes and lowered his head.

Sensing that someone was looking at her, Huang Yueli looked up. Unfortunately, she only saw Li Moying’s cold as ice figure. She could not help but look away in disappointment.

Soon, a palace woman holding a delicate jade qin entered the Palace of Peace and Tranquility.

“Third Young Miss Bai, this is made from water dropped paulownia wood. It is the best of the qin collections within the Palace. Please look over and see if it is too your liking?”

Huang Yueli took it and gently wiped it. Gently she smiled.

“Worthy of the Palace’s collection. This ice jade qin can be considered a rare treasure. I shall play on this qin!”

When Bai Ruoqi heard this, she almost spit out her tea!

This damn girl appeared to be very dissatisfied with the ice jade qin!

God knows that this could be considered to be one of the best ice jade qin’s within all of South Sky Region. Even several cities could not compare to it’s value!

It was said that this qin came with Empress Ming Fei when she married into the palace. Empress Ming Fei was a qin master with equal fame as Bai Ruoqi’s master. Only then did she possess such a qin.

Bai Ruoqi dreamt about it in her dreams. Even a touch would be great!

However, after the death of Empress Ming Fei, this qin had been kept within the Palace; never to be seen again.

Unexpectedly, when Huang Yueli announced she was going to play the qin, the Emperor had taken it out.

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This is really too biased!

Unfortunately, no matter how biased he was, an idiot would always be an idiot. The better quality the qin, the more it displayed her poor skills!

Other golden spooned ladies also widened their eyes. Looks of envy and jealousy struck at the hand atop the ice jade qin.

Huang Yueli’s fingers gently fiddled with a few strings. Clear and sweet sounds resounded.

Raising a touch of smile, this feeling….she really missed it!

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Chapter 235